DAY 122 (The first rain of the year..!!)

Writers/Poets may forget to write on their happiest day...on their saddest day...or even on a very important day of their life...but they cannot miss to write on the day when it rained :) ....And if its the first rain of the year...then you are gonna have a long one....!!! :) :)

Anyway...I was stuck inside my office cubicle in front of a stupid machine called computer when somebody in the adjacent workstation almost yelled..."WOW"..!! I was dumbstruck...first- because he yelled and second- there is a thing called office decorum. When asked the reason ...he said "GUESS WHAT?!?! ITS RAINING...!!!" I thought he might be mistaken because here in Lucknow...many a times it seems as if its just gonna rain when the clouds befool us and go away with double the speed by which they arrived. I rushed towards the window panes to peep through it. And yes...guess what?? was actually raining!

I was very very... very upset at that time. I was upset since the morning or may be since the night. And I couldn't find the actual reason too. I was laughing and giggling and cracking jokes as I arrived to the office in a frequency which is much higher than my normal attitude (thats what I do when I have to hide my unhappiness). I was just playing crazy till then so that nobody knows.... so that nobody questions me. But then it rained. 

I know ...I guys would say..."So what Supriya??..It rained you see...Its something to be happy about...!!!!" Yes I know. I was happy that the stupid humid weather would turn around. I was happy that there would be some greenery around. I was happy that I would love to drive back home today. But I was not happy about the rain. Strange..isn't it? But thats how it is. 

It rains ..and I feel fear inside me. I feel as if I have been abandoned. I feel that I can cry for hours without a break. I feel bad. 

And the best part is..I don't know why? But still I wait for the drops to drench me completely. 

But for everyone else who is not as crazy as me.. (and I know ..that would be 100%)...


  1. happy monsoon to you to girl

    PS : i too felt the same when it first rained here in Delhi

  2. And for everything else there is Mastercard..:)


    I dont knw why u r feeling this way but things will get better with time..:)
    Its nice to hear that u got a cubicle./
    M waiting for mine..:)



    P.s Happy monsoon..:)

  3. @chanz.... what to i seem to be my mirror image at times...!

  4. @nipun..happy monsoon nippu :)

  5. enjoy the rains..hope its still raining there..:)

  6. not :(((((((

  7. baarish hamesha se humein sabse pyaara laga hai...thodi apni dushmani bhi hai baarish se, wo alag baat hai...maine bhi kam se kam 4-5 shayari likhi hai baarish pe...
    1 shayari ki kuch panktiyan likhta hun....
    "kal fir yahan baairsh hui..
    kal fir yaad tum aaye..
    aur saath hi yaad aaya,
    baarish ka wo suhana mausam,
    jab hum bheege hue se..
    sadakon pe chalte the..
    paani pe kudti tum chap chap chalti thi..
    baarish ki boonden tumhare chehre ko chu jaati thi..
    bheega hua sa wo chehra tumhara,
    aaj bhi raaton jagata hai mujhe..."

  8. kuch aur baarish se sambandhit padhne ke liye idhar ghumne aa jaayen :)

  9. @abhi....excellent work abhi..n i'll definitely go through the link abhi :)


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