DAY 124 (A touching experience...!!)

Well....before moving on to the entitled experience...let me first share something with you guys. Last wednesday, I attended a rock concert by a US band UNNAMED SERVANTS ...and it was quite amazing...!!! I had one of the best times in my life...! It was as expected....ROCKING..!!! yesterday...I luckily got to meet few NGO heads and their respective members/students. The experience which they shared gave me shivers and goosebumps. And the positivity with which they handled the whole experience was actually worth an applause. Most of them had actually suffered from domestic violence and were too young to face all that they have faced. But how they have been brought up by these great institutions and being fed by them to lead mere a survival which was something beyond impossible for them was quite ecstatic in its nature. To see them so happy for being allowed to be a part of a normal be amongst us...made me feel happy for them right from the bottom of my heart. They didn't ask for pity or any kind of attention on what their past has been. All that mattered to them was that how well-groomed there present is and what aspirations do they hold for the future. Thats something which calls for a word GREATNESS. Sitting amongst them was a proud feeling for me and it was repeatedly being announced by them in the vice-versa manner! I so much wanted to tell them how I feel about them but then my words seemed too small in front of them. So I chose to shut up. They have achieved much more than I could ever imagine. They have conquered the fear inside them. They are what they deserve to be...what they always deserved to be. 

I know that maybe some people would say that this is just the fresh reaction of such few victims. Time passes and things get forgotten. But it was actually a life changing experience for me. Something which I would lifelong cherish to be a part of. Something which gave me joy as well as tears in my eyes. Something which I wish all of you could experience someday as then would you know what am I talking about here.

Till then all I can say is..... Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..!!!


  1. aisa hi ek exp humari bhi thi kuch saalon pahle....
    achha laga padh ke :)

  2. @abhi...thank u so much abhi..!!

  3. I would say that those who overcome adversities are the true winners in life....also,I would like to appreciate these NGOs for doing what they are the present rat race,there are very few,who actually care for others.

  4. @atul..absolutely! Kudos to al of them!


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