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DAY 240 (The ultimate fantasy !)

Well... I have thought a lot and my biggest fantasy is to just read endlessly. Read like there is nothing else to do. Like there is no job to attend to. There is no deadline to finish a book. There is no questionnaire afterwards. There is no task, no plan for it. There is no sleeping cycle, no eating cycle. Nothing to show and tell. Nothing to ask.

There should be no book in the world that I haven't read. Maybe I would have dropped reading some of them midway because I didn't feel connected but atleast I would have started it once upon a time.

I don't want to be paid for it because I don't want it to be my job. As I have discovered, things done for free are generally done by heart. You do them because you like doing them and not because you are being paid to do it.

Do I want to write too? Hell...yeah. When I am tired of reading too much, I just want to write endlessly. Like there is no end to this book I am writing. I don't care about the flow or the audience I am…

DAY 239 (To an awesome friend!)

So.. I have this friend who is a blogger like me (doesn't boast about writing though...unlike me ..duhh !). And I guess she is the only blogger whose each and every blog I love. When I read them, I feel like I am talking to her face to face. It comes out naturally in her writing.

*Lightbulb* ... Maybe...thats why she doesn't boast about it !

So how do I know her? Okay first of all, most of the bloggers I love, I got to know them through online means. Somebody posted a link on twitter, I am too free to open it, I read the first of few lines, I like it and I make it till the end....Tadaaaaa...your blog goes in my favourites list to timepass. But never will I register myself for your blog updates to spam my inbox. And that's because I am not confident I will remember later how to unregister myself and I might regret it. But this girl...well , I have registered myself to her blog from DAY 1!

*Lightbulb* ... This is a truth I just learnt about myself !

Oh, I skipped the questi…