DAY 239 (To an awesome friend!)

So.. I have this friend who is a blogger like me (doesn't boast about writing though...unlike me ..duhh !). And I guess she is the only blogger whose each and every blog I love. When I read them, I feel like I am talking to her face to face. It comes out naturally in her writing.

*Lightbulb* ... Maybe...thats why she doesn't boast about it !

So how do I know her? Okay first of all, most of the bloggers I love, I got to know them through online means. Somebody posted a link on twitter, I am too free to open it, I read the first of few lines, I like it and I make it till the end....Tadaaaaa...your blog goes in my favourites list to timepass. But never will I register myself for your blog updates to spam my inbox. And that's because I am not confident I will remember later how to unregister myself and I might regret it. But this girl...well , I have registered myself to her blog from DAY 1!

*Lightbulb* ... This is a truth I just learnt about myself !

Oh, I skipped the question I asked myself or well... I hoped you guys to ask me that how do I know her? Well, we worked together for a dozen of months. Strange fact...when we used to meet each other everyday...we never talked to so much. And that happens to me a lot. Even with my husband...I didn't talk to him for 4 full years of college! And he used to sit right behind my bench! And tadaaaaa... I marry him later!

*Lightbulb* ... I think I am a slow learner!

Anyway, then there was a time when I was troubled, mostly by and alone in a strange country. And I started writing daily mails in my 12 hour behind clock to these 2 favourite ladies of of them is this awesome blogger! The other lady has a family, kids, basically lots on her plate. She took time to respond and the blogger friend became like a pen-pal to me :)

And then even when I came back from the strange place and even when we stopped working together, we never stopped talking. I got to know we have a lot of common interests, the highlight of which was blogging and I asked her the blog link.

Believe me, that was the first time I read someone's blog for 2 hours straight. (Yeah..thats my capacity!). And now, I am her fan. Even my hubby. I make sure, I read every blog of her as and when its published and I make sure that my pati reads them too.

So... blogger friend ..err... pen-pal...err... gossip-buddy and what are awesome and its a blessing to have you around :-)

And yeah... Cheers to blogging ;)


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