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Day 260 (The self-proclaimed advisers)

Some people are just too nosy or feel they should be advising in everyone's business. And I often come across such people here and there.

This was a couple of months ago, when someone I acquainted over a game of table tennis got to know that I write blogs. He asked me many times to share the link. I pretended to have forgotten to share but then shared it eventually when he pinged me a couple of times over chat. So, he read my blog for which I did not expect any feedback, but he takes the pain to give it to me. There was this blog I wrote about my husband a while back which titled "Disadvantages of having a sane husband". He asked if the incidents I quoted there actually happened or I just made them up. I just replied it happened ofcourse. He laughed over it and then came to the advisory business. He tells me, if he were me, he would use a lighter shade for my blog theme if I want others to read without straining their eyes. Well, I can appreciate your negative comments …

DAY 259 (Confession and a Disclaimer)

I am a possessive friend. First of all I won't be good friends with you unless I absolutely fantastically like you. But once I am in, you might wanna get out of my zone because of my suffocating love for you.
I know it sounds scary..but well I am scary when it comes to attachment.

I can't tolerate you not replying my messages or replying after hours when I am always online for you and by always I literally mean 24x7.
I can't tolerate even more when it is because of some other friend of yours whom I really hate !
I can't tolerate you doing something wrong and me not being able to scold you because of your dominant behaviour.
I can't tolerate you being all friendly with someone who is clearly not your type and you just want to be on good terms with him for no good reason.
I can't tolerate you making me go silent all the time because you have just decided not to share what's going on and neither do you let me ask too.
I can't tolerate you suddenly sharing…