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DAY 266 (House of Cards)

A lot of interest in US politics arose in India when Obama became president. Twitter chants of "Yes We Can" were floating around and let's admit it that these days Twitter does more journalism than any other media.

With this admittance of Twitter's journalism, how can we not talk about Mr. Trump? Who practically does all press statements on Twitter around midnight. So with Mr. Donald Tump's presidency, we Indians practically forgot about our President and started keeping tabs of US politics as our routine.

Amongst all this chaos, there is this one TV series that pretty much predicted all the chaos of US politics before it happened. That's House of Cards!

So much so, that season 4 ended with Frank Underwood becoming president and taking the chaos to another level and a few months later, Mr. Trump was the POTUS. There was this one interesting interview of Kevin Spacey (aka Frank Underwood) during the early season of House of Cards where he was asked whom do yo…