DAY 266 (House of Cards)

A lot of interest in US politics arose in India when Obama became president. Twitter chants of "Yes We Can" were floating around and let's admit it that these days Twitter does more journalism than any other media.

With this admittance of Twitter's journalism, how can we not talk about Mr. Trump? Who practically does all press statements on Twitter around midnight. So with Mr. Donald Tump's presidency, we Indians practically forgot about our President and started keeping tabs of US politics as our routine.

Amongst all this chaos, there is this one TV series that pretty much predicted all the chaos of US politics before it happened. That's House of Cards!

So much so, that season 4 ended with Frank Underwood becoming president and taking the chaos to another level and a few months later, Mr. Trump was the POTUS. There was this one interesting interview of Kevin Spacey (aka Frank Underwood) during the early season of House of Cards where he was asked whom do you really speak/address to when you look at the camera and give those amazing monologues? Guess Spacey's answer!? He laughed and jokingly said "I address Donald Trump".

Recently during the interview of promotion of House of cards season 5, Kevin was reminded of this interview of his and was asked, Do you remember that you said it? Kevin replies "Yes, I remember but apparently Donald Trump never listened to me while I was addressing him."

Well, this series just keeps you on your toes and I was closely following the release date to keep a track of when will Season 5 be released in India. This facebook page helped me to be updated on the India premier details:

So the first episode "Homecoming of Terror" was just as marvellous as I expected it to be.

It starts with Claire Underwood giving a monologue just like Frank Underwood starting with "I have been meaning to talk to you!" Right from this, you know that this season is taking the show to the next level.
So much happens in just 1 episode that you need a minute to calm yourself down. From Claire Underwood's monologue to Frank Underwood's Congress session interruption and his constant yelling of "I will not seize. I will never seize" ; it just keeps you on the edge of your seats all the time. It is a mirror of current US political conditions and it just amazes me how this team always manages to be ahead of time.
There is a scene where Frank asks Claire to peek through the rifle scope from their terrace and asks her to look at the people protesting outside the White House. It is a metaphorical excellence where a weapon's scope acts as their gaze at their oppressors.
Tom Yates takes a little too much of a centre-stage but it leaves you tickled because there is a hint of a storm ahead because of his relationship with Claire and something that he has stolen from her apparently.
The discussion of travel ban was yet another surface touching to current reality of USA. I would say it never felt closer to reality than this.
The episode made me feel closer to Claire Underwood once again but you just can't hate Frank's guts. You can hate him as a person he is but the challenges he throws against his opponents scene after scene are just too good to not applaud.
Be ready for some nerve-cracking surprises ahead which will just give you some sleepless nights.

So go ahead. Watch the show because Frank Underwood is coming to India with the television premiere of House Of Cards Season 5 on Saturday, 3rd June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee CafĂ©! #HOConZCafe


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