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DAY 264 (For starters...respect yourself)

I have seen people being really hurt over not being respected enough. Be it at home, at workplace or amongst relatives. They want to be understood in the way that they think they are not right now but for that they just don't know what to do.

I always suggest those who come to me with this problem to first respect yourself. If she is a housewife, she thinks that she isn't contributing to household expenses and thus she deserves to be taken for granted. Has she ever thought for all those hours when the financier of the household is toiling outside, she is holding the storm all alone inside the 4 walls. When he comes back home, he would never even know the importance of things being at place, warm food at table or kids doing well at school. And all he does is, provides the money for maintenance. I am not saying that it is any less of a task. But your partner's day's in was just as tedious as was your day out. Some people just conveniently ignore this fact.

Then there ar…