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DAY 219 (The Dream page of a Travelogue...!)

I was never a traveler initially. But then as you grow up... probably the world starts getting smaller for you. Your veranda isn't enough to play; you need a park. Your bicycle isn't enough to ride; you need a motor-bike. Your fountain-pen doesn't make you big enough; you need those fancy gel pens.
Then you grow up more and then geographically you feel clogged up ..sometimes bored. You take a random trip maybe within a 500-1000 km of your place and suddenly you find it refreshing. And then you wonder...why didn't I do it before ever?

Well...I don't know if it happened with other "lately-declared-travellers" but thats my story.

So, then I traveled a little in India... going a little further than 3000 km too and I found it interestingly interesting enough to continue the adventure!

One day...out of my utter reluctance also, I got a chance to visit outside country as well. It just gave me wings you can say. I had missed out on a lot of things for half of my…