DAY 219 (The Dream page of a Travelogue...!)

I was never a traveler initially. But then as you grow up... probably the world starts getting smaller for you. Your veranda isn't enough to play; you need a park. Your bicycle isn't enough to ride; you need a motor-bike. Your fountain-pen doesn't make you big enough; you need those fancy gel pens.
Then you grow up more and then geographically you feel clogged up ..sometimes bored. You take a random trip maybe within a 500-1000 km of your place and suddenly you find it refreshing. And then you wonder...why didn't I do it before ever?

Well...I don't know if it happened with other "lately-declared-travellers" but thats my story.

So, then I traveled a little in India... going a little further than 3000 km too and I found it interestingly interesting enough to continue the adventure!

One day...out of my utter reluctance also, I got a chance to visit outside country as well. It just gave me wings you can say. I had missed out on a lot of things for half of my life... I realised.

And now the status is...that even my minimum to maximum savings scream out a travel vacation!!

The latest one in the list is Paris. :-)

There are multiple reasons for Paris...

* Romantic city..and I am getting married in a couple of weeks ;-)

* Sweetheart childhood soul-friend is there...who has been begging me to visit before she leaves and she might leave after this year

* I find it a friendly alive city ...full of people whose native language is unknown to me and that makes it even more exciting!

* There is one of the 7 wonders of world there.

* My dad has always been eager to change his nationality to French...thats what reflects his love for the place and the memories of his visit there which happened some good 7-8 years ago.

* And it is everyone's dream!! :-)

So now I am saving every penny that I can...
I am eyeing on all those innocent friends whom I can beg for money anytime and they won't bind me with a deadline to return the money ;-)
and I am tempting my would-be (who has always been tempted for Paris so its not much of a workload :-P ) to just make it happen.

It might be a travel of a lifetime and it might be too short to end as well. But it will be a major part + achievement of my travelogue (if someday I have any).

And even if something goes wrong..or I am not able to make there when I want...
Well...dreams won't cost me anything to pay a visit ;) So I might just bluff :-) ;-)


  1. Visiting your blog after a long time. Just one piece of advise for your Paris trip, stay alert in Metros/Subways and on public places, the stealing part in Paris is on high toll. You are standing on a station, some people will come and ask you for a address or for some help in buying ticket from machine, they indulge you in conversation and suddenly some one from gang comes and snatch away your hand bag or whatever they feel is snatch-able.

    Its my personal experience from my visit to there in June 13.

    1. Thanks Ankit for sharing your experience..but hopefully there are sweeter things too there :-)
      And yeah...keep visiting the blog :-)


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