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DAY 191 (Passion...)

The moment you join a junior school...people want to know what do you want to become. Since then till you become an independent person, they keep poking you with the same question. You might change your answer in different stages considering what is "cool" and what is not..but then you know your passion deep there..don't you?

Most of the time it happens that you keep it inside you to wait for the time when you are "settled enough" to make it come true. But can you define your scale of settlement?

Passion is something that needs a zeal to begin with. Then why do everyone (including me) want to pursue it in the last stages of our life. When everything else has given up then you are just surviving with your settlement trying to do what you could never do the rest of your life!!!

You murder yourself daily by doing everything that was never in your plan. You kill your passion and stab it every damn day when you get yourself ass-kicked in that little cube of yours w…