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Day 223 (A blog "disclaiming" all claimers ! )

I wish I could write something so stuffed yet so elaborated that could cover universal disclaimers of the world. But alas ! Seems impossible.

What if say I write a blog post on a table. I put a disclaimer before that :
Please note, this blog is not related to anyone who-

has used a table before/currentlyowns a table currently or in pastseen a tableborrowed a tablestudied on a tableknows what is a table But still I get a response from one gentleman who would say, I am not related to any of your disclaimer points but I have seen trees. From trees, wood cutter cuts and gets wood. Wood is sold into market. And that wood is used to make furniture including tables as well. Since I have this knowledge... madam, I am offended !
Another instance. I write a blog on my husband (Without a disclaimer as I have only 1 husband ! ) saying he is very nice and try to put his goodness and presence in my life into words. But no one comes to me saying madam, thanks for writing such good things for me as I…

DAY 222 (Sometimes I wish...!! )

Sometimes I wish I were a guy. So that...

Whatever I did including my office work or my own work say taking a bath for example would be considered as something very hard-working.I could get promoted just by having a smoke or two with my boss daily.Whenever I am upset, I could say that men can't cry and so they want sometime alone to overcome their emotions and for that matter I could forget anything in the world and I will be pitied upon.Even if I were a very open minded or kind soul, supporting modern women wouldn't change the perspective of my family for the girl they are looking for me but still it will get me respect from my wife.I could do nothing and say I tried everything.I could have holiday on a holiday.I could go to my home during vacations and get a family like treatment from my parents unlike my wife and then I could go to my wife's home and get a king like treatment from them.I could raise my voice whenever and where ever I want to and if I forget to raise I w…

DAY 221 (For the sane Hubby !! )

Well ... it is very difficult to get a sane husband. And I have been blessed enough to get one who figuratively takes bath in sanity and perfectionism everyday :P

Be it any situation.

A bad day in office and he resolves everything by a 1-liner. God knows why I pissed myself off for it for 8 hours...I wonder later !

Stupidity in heights from relatives. And he generates some "X-men rays" and it gets reflected back from him. I never get to know that any such thing ever happened !

"That time of the month"...and he becomes mercury. Mercury as in...i can't poke him through and the more I would try to hurt him, he would dance around in the vessel and eventually make me laugh.

Missing my friends? He arranges a get together. Or even more I would get 2 flight tickets to the friend's city. Plus when we meet my friends, I would not remember for few moments whether they are my friends or his?

Stuck in traffic? He becomes Superman and flies through exactly where I am st…