DAY 222 (Sometimes I wish...!! )

Sometimes I wish I were a guy. So that...

  • Whatever I did including my office work or my own work say taking a bath for example would be considered as something very hard-working.
  • I could get promoted just by having a smoke or two with my boss daily.
  • Whenever I am upset, I could say that men can't cry and so they want sometime alone to overcome their emotions and for that matter I could forget anything in the world and I will be pitied upon.
  • Even if I were a very open minded or kind soul, supporting modern women wouldn't change the perspective of my family for the girl they are looking for me but still it will get me respect from my wife.
  • I could do nothing and say I tried everything.
  • I could have holiday on a holiday.
  • I could go to my home during vacations and get a family like treatment from my parents unlike my wife and then I could go to my wife's home and get a king like treatment from them.
  • I could raise my voice whenever and where ever I want to and if I forget to raise I when I supposed to...I can just say that I am very patient.
  • I could forget people's birthdays or anniversaries and would be forgiven just for the fact that I am a guy !
  • I could suck at cooking but still can get praised for atleast trying.
  • I would never be scrutinised and if I get to be in the scrutiny radar someday by a girl .. I can just call her heartless and mean and move on. "All girls are like that" is another way.
  • I can wake up and could go out in the same condition anywhere anytime.
  • I could wear literally nothing in front of anyone while my wife is being scolded for forgetting to cover her head from the saree.
  • I could say all the time that girls are chatter boxes and could choose to be mute all the time to prove my point.
  • I could sleep any hour of the day because I am so damn tired of going to office, eating and watching TV all the time.
  •  I could suck at a sport but still call my self a sports person.
  • I could have half a kilometer radius of a tummy while asking my mother for a picture perfect bahu for her.
  • I don't have to change my surname ever.
  • I don't have to carry a baby in my tummy ever.
  • I don't have to worry about my looks ever because for men, even grey is sexy.
  • I could flirt openly, roam around at 3 am on the roads, get drunk and abuse everyone.
  • I could choose not to go temple on every festival.
  • I could be whoever I want to whenever I want to.
  • I will never be asked of my skill set except in a job interview.
  • If I my performance is deteriorating in office, I can call any girl of the team a flirt and spread a rumour that she took an off to be with the boss while she took a sick leave due to menstruation.
  • I can be nice or unkind, no one would ever comment. If someone does, I can just ignore.
  • I can choose my own hobby.
  • Basically..I could just be myself.
Basically if I were a guy and could do all this...I would suck as a person most of the times ! But still..just for a weekend break..sometimes I wish...


  1. :D :D
    that is a post making all the girls in teh world jealous of male species, i bet!!


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