DAY 221 (For the sane Hubby !! )

Well ... it is very difficult to get a sane husband. And I have been blessed enough to get one who figuratively takes bath in sanity and perfectionism everyday :P

Be it any situation.

A bad day in office and he resolves everything by a 1-liner. God knows why I pissed myself off for it for 8 hours...I wonder later !

Stupidity in heights from relatives. And he generates some "X-men rays" and it gets reflected back from him. I never get to know that any such thing ever happened !

"That time of the month"...and he becomes mercury. Mercury as in...i can't poke him through and the more I would try to hurt him, he would dance around in the vessel and eventually make me laugh.

Missing my friends? He arranges a get together. Or even more I would get 2 flight tickets to the friend's city. Plus when we meet my friends, I would not remember for few moments whether they are my friends or his?

Stuck in traffic? He becomes Superman and flies through exactly where I am standing drenched and waiting for an auto-rickshaw.

Even if I am thinking about the empty space that I still have in the corner of my wardrobe, next day I am shopping !

His birthday is more my birthday :P I get literally couple of return gifts for each gift of mine and the treatment also goes special in the same proportion.

I don't like the ghar ka khaana...and the next moment we are in a posh restaurant ! (Taj is not a big deal anymore ! )

Always ready for a walk, for a talk..and even for the silence.

Sometimes, I wonder if he is going to blast someday for all the tantrums that I throw at him. The day I am thinking that, he returns from office with a bouquet in his hand.

My sisters are his best pals, his best pals are always at my service.

So now Dear God...please make me little competitive to this dude of perfection that you have bestowed me with...! Perfection is okay but if this continues, I am afraid the list won't fit in 1 blog post next time :-)


  1. may god bless you like this always.... lucky enuf that u have such a charming prince in ur life.... njoy !!! ;) ;)

  2. Arre ladka hai he tinopal ekdum..

    ps. srry for local slang usage .. O:)

  3. Congrats to you both . All the best.


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