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DAY 179 (Enough is ENOUGH..!!!)

Every one needs to be shaken and shaken hard to see what they had been pretending to ignore. Everyone knows what is happening around them, in their society but no one (including me) bothers to dig out the statistics and facts behind the crime. We spend almost our whole days on internet doing literally "nothing" ; at the maximum we read a few related articles but initiative is what we miss.

A show as amazing as "Satayamev Jayate" has given me the means to be a part of the initiative today. It has touched me to the core which is why I am pouring my words in this post.

Female foeticide is such a relevant and prevailing issue since past so many years. So many cases have come up. So many sting operations have been made. But nothing changed. None of it. And the fact which hit me the most was that the crime is committed by well-educated people like us in majority.

Big cities have crime rates in terms of female foeticide much higher than small towns. And what for? Now...t…

DAY 178 (Dissatifaction..!)

Its never 'completely' what you wanted! Its always atleast one step short of it.
You think that you are sure of something...and the next minute you are 'told' that you 'assumed' it.
You decide to just go for it...the next day every inspiration seems to be weaker to achieve it for now.
Your days turn into nights and nights to few more days and you are more and more dissatisfied than the earlier day.

Amongst all this, your companions ditch you (un)intentionally. You crave for being held by someone. You look for few valuable moments in other's life. And life starts moving ahead with double pace. You go unlucky again.

Fighting with life and its ways is like testing in how many shapes can water flow. The moment you give up and think it is definitely done and over now, you will pop up with a new one.

I know philosophy won't answer all this nor would it make it lighter. I know things will remain the same no matter whether I write this or you read it. But I co…