DAY 179 (Enough is ENOUGH..!!!)

Every one needs to be shaken and shaken hard to see what they had been pretending to ignore. Everyone knows what is happening around them, in their society but no one (including me) bothers to dig out the statistics and facts behind the crime. We spend almost our whole days on internet doing literally "nothing" ; at the maximum we read a few related articles but initiative is what we miss.

A show as amazing as "Satayamev Jayate" has given me the means to be a part of the initiative today. It has touched me to the core which is why I am pouring my words in this post.

Female foeticide is such a relevant and prevailing issue since past so many years. So many cases have come up. So many sting operations have been made. But nothing changed. None of it. And the fact which hit me the most was that the crime is committed by well-educated people like us in majority.

Big cities have crime rates in terms of female foeticide much higher than small towns. And what for? Now...they don't have females to marry to, get settled and torture to give birth to a male child. This is what the plan was of these hypocrites and criminals?

And this is the award those journalist of Rajasthan get when they did a sting operation on all those 100 doctors of Rajasthan who were the partners in the crime? The irony is that the doctors have got promoted and those journalists are getting arrest warrants.

What has happened has happened. It is still time for those who themselves are female and for those who do not support this crime to go ahead and save the future of the females of their family. The show has given us the initiative in hand with the most sincerity than I have ever seen in any other show before. Even the SMS votes which they are asking and the money (Re. 1/-) per SMS will be counted and given to charity. Every penny contributed will actually be "contributed".

Lets just support the genuine people this time. Its no hardwork or rocket-science. Just a hand-up saying "I am not in this crime".
Satyamev Jayate.


  1. You know Supriya, every one wants to do something but many people do not find a way to take initiative. Shows like Satyamev Jayate and movement by Anna Hazare gives that kind of platform to general public and yes we all should do our little bit.

  2. Hi, Supriyaji. When I was seeing this show i got emotional and moved me with tears. Iam really surprised to see what my country is going through. I want to thank SMJ team for doing this initiative. 'sahi hai dil pe lagegi tabhi baat banegi' aur mere dil ko lag gayi.


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