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DAY 190 (Truth that slaps on the face..!)

Horror, terror and unbelievable were the first thoughts that hit me when I came across this story. A place which is a paradise in scenic beauty is practising such ridiculous and heinous laws that I am still in a state of shock as to what logic is inspiring them to continue practising it and not bring any change in the system!
The incident goes like this- There is a girl in Maldives whose stepfather is accused of raping her repeatedly for many years and now she bears his child. And the great Maldives court says that she must be punished for "Sex outside marriage" and she is gonna be whipped 100 times in public sometime soon.
Mr. Waheed, president of Maldives is facing global pressure as I read in the news. But what is that pressure doing? Is it helping to change this unbelievably ridiculous system? Is it changing the law? Will she be spared? I guess not.
It'll be a matter of shame probably for other citizens of Maldives and they might go for protests at the maximum. But …

DAY 189 (Venting out!!)

Sometimes you have so much inside you that it gets too hard to stuff it inside. Now PLEASE do not tell me to "vent it out"! Coz trust me if thats how it cud have worked, this blog-post wouldn't have existed.

Why does a problem has to be "defined" everytime for it to get solved?
Why cannot someone keep their pseudo-smartness and socialism inside themselves and not brag in front of people who don't give a damn to it?
Why is it that show-off is never out-seasoned?
And most importantly...why does it all have to be in my baggage?

I am someone who is very frank in displaying my likes and dislikes equally. But I do not know why people are always interested in discussing the least-interested things with me?
I should manage probably. But why? And till when?

Keep your "special" things to yourself buddy and let me keep mine. And certainly do not ask me the "whys" and "whats".

The irritation gets unbearable when you even start getting que…

Day 188 (Virtual Reality!)

Dreams, there is something about them that makes us think. Even those kind of people for whom thinking is not their strength stop for a moment trying to understand what it meant. There was this bloke who wrote an entire book about interpreting dreams and its considered to be the most comprehensive study about dreams, I read a chapter or two of that book and then gave up (we will come back later as to why) and in recent times there was a pretty good movie about them which didn't stop at just a dream but went on about having dreams within a dream. Now what is it about dreams that keep us awake?
What puzzles me is that why dreams need to be interpreted? Why they can't be just that - Dreams? In my culture there is this belief that if you dream about something during dawn it usually comes true (or do people believe this world over? I don't know). I read in the book I was talking about earlier that if some loved one dies in your dream it usually means that you want him/her to b…

DAY 187 (Asshole-ism)

Asshole-ism cannot be defined or measured. It is just a trait which I think quite easily found these days. I have had so much of it that I can categorise it now-

The Ungrateful Ones- This is the rare sub-category where people forget who gave them that one push that they needed. They tend to show that it is all happening because of their own hardwork and talent and that they never needed anyone's help. They get so immersed in their delusion that they start taking the person who started it all as "invisible" and they ignore and choose to keep the poor guy "uninformed". They think they will achieve great heights with this and people will praise and bow down to their talent but they will soon meet someone on the way- "the truth"!
    2.  The schizophrenic ones-
The ones belonging to this category choose to act as idiots so that people can never blame them for their idiocity. They are born-idiots who have nothing inside their brains except bullshit but the…