Day 188 (Virtual Reality!)

Dreams, there is something about them that makes us think. Even those kind of people for whom thinking is not their strength stop for a moment trying to understand what it meant. There was this bloke who wrote an entire book about interpreting dreams and its considered to be the most comprehensive study about dreams, I read a chapter or two of that book and then gave up (we will come back later as to why) and in recent times there was a pretty good movie about them which didn't stop at just a dream but went on about having dreams within a dream. Now what is it about dreams that keep us awake?
What puzzles me is that why dreams need to be interpreted? Why they can't be just that - Dreams? In my culture there is this belief that if you dream about something during dawn it usually comes true (or do people believe this world over? I don't know). I read in the book I was talking about earlier that if some loved one dies in your dream it usually means that you want him/her to be dead needless to say I didn’t go back to that book but the majority opinion I have heard about this kind is that the person who dies in your dream has a very long life maybe just because this thought is more comforting. It’s a puzzle and like all puzzles it has troubled man about this phenomenon of watching something that’s not real when we are not awake. Sleep is usually considered a time for resting our brains then why is our brain working overtime to make us see something that majority of us don’t understand? Is our inner self trying to tell us something about us that we do not want to hear when we are wide awake?

The worst part of a dream is that you cannot script it, you don’t have control over it, and you cannot decide when to start and when to end it so what do you do? You analyze it and try to be content about your interpretation of it. If it’s a bad one, you hope it remains just a dream and if its good then you hope that one-day it becomes reality. There is another kind of dreaming- Day dreaming. I love this part, just because it is so simple. You can be the play writer here; there is no hidden meaning. There are no layers that you need to peel through to get to the core. If you want to become a movie star you can be one, or how about losing some weight, there you go you have become a swan from an ugly duckling and it’s a great way to bust some of the stress that we go through in our daily grind like the way I am dreaming now that someone will read this piece and also like it.


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