DAY 190 (Truth that slaps on the face..!)

Horror, terror and unbelievable were the first thoughts that hit me when I came across this story. A place which is a paradise in scenic beauty is practising such ridiculous and heinous laws that I am still in a state of shock as to what logic is inspiring them to continue practising it and not bring any change in the system!

The incident goes like this- There is a girl in Maldives whose stepfather is accused of raping her repeatedly for many years and now she bears his child. And the great Maldives court says that she must be punished for "Sex outside marriage" and she is gonna be whipped 100 times in public sometime soon.

Mr. Waheed, president of Maldives is facing global pressure as I read in the news. But what is that pressure doing? Is it helping to change this unbelievably ridiculous system? Is it changing the law? Will she be spared? I guess not.

It'll be a matter of shame probably for other citizens of Maldives and they might go for protests at the maximum. But then...?

I guess it'll be a void then. They will punish her for now and promise to bring amendments to law later. But I demand an answer... Why was it framed this way in the first hand? "Sex outside marriage" is a crime irrespective of the fact whether it happened with the female's will or not! Someone forced it on her...that too her own stepfather. She is already living with this punishment for several years. She is still surviving ..thats her strength. Instead of supporting her a chance to re-live and hang that monster (which they are not even naming!!!), they choose to whip the victim publicly for being a victim!!

What do they expect? A standing ovation for this?

I really don't know how am I supposed to react or what can I do for this. Because the feeling that is deep under my skin right now is "disgust" ...PURE DISGUST!!

Shame on the law and shame on each and everyone who is a part of this!!! 


  1. You have said it right.... pure disgust. Something which a normal thinking human being can't digest.


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