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DAY 228 (Disappointments..!)

Disappointment is cancerous. It eats you from your core. You know it when it is about to happen. Well you don't exactly know have an intuition that it is about to happen. You console yourself by excusing the accuse out. You disentangle yourself from all the tangles by working it out in your mind. You keep your fingers crossed and just pray for a miracle to happen so that all this hardwork somehow goes in vain. Irony ! But it is such, that you want this effort of yours to actually fail. Because you know the outcomes.

Well...this praying and finger-crossing doesn't work and it happens that what you thought will happen. Suddenly you also realise that the effort you had already put in was of no use. It was all crap. The accuse was not worth it. He was made to disappoint you and you probably deserve to be disappointed for being such a hopeless moron. You were hopeless because you let this happen. You were hopeless because you saw your intuition getting birth and taking li…