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DAY 100 (Congratulations to me..!!! :D )

Its my century post today..!!! 100 posts...for heaven's sake! Blogging has seen all ups and downs of my life. And will continue to do so as well.

However I might get irregular in blogging from now on...because to be honest...I don't have any more content...and working won't give me much chance to be philosphical....but I promise that whenever I would feel to scribble something...or to share something worth...I'll come back here for sure!

Now its gonna be fully QUALITY POSTS rather than the quantity! So a new start to a new approach....

Life has a lot in store..!!!

And last but not the least...thank you all the readers...who have seen me in good and bad writings and have appreciated or helped me to improve by giving suggestions. I hope this relationship continues till many more it would have never been possible without you guys..!!!

Love you all...!!

DAY 99 (The journey..!!!)

So tomorrow is double celebration day. Its my joining plus it'll be my century in the blogging world..!!! I am so excited :D

I started blogging just out of the blue being inspired from this movie JULIE AND JULIA. It was then when I learnt about blogging. And since Akansha boosted me up...I went for it. And then I thought why didn't it came across my mind before? But that was okay. Atleast i eventually started it....!

And now I think what a big coincidence!!! I started blogging to utilize my time into something constructive and something which suits me....and now on the day I get joining (when the nothing-to-do phase gets over) I am gonna complete my century..!! Isn't that awesome???

Well...I do not know where do I stand in the blogging universe or even I am worth it or not. But all I know is that...I love blogging. It doesn't matter whether I know what to write or not. It doesn't matter people agree with my opinions or not. What matters is...I write what I feel. I le…

DAY 98 (The awesome feeling..!!!)

First of all...sorry guys...for a late post today. Actually I was out since morning for the DEADLINE WORKS... and thus couldn't be on my laptop. 

Anyway...yesterday I got this great news....that almost all my dear juniors in the college got placed in Tata Consultancies Services (TCS) as well...! Thats something great. I could feel their happiness in their voices and it reminded me of my first placement feeling!

It feels so do something on your own...something this big...having a job in your hand! I could sense their shiverings and goosebumps.

And after all this.. goes a long list of all the friends and relatives to share the awesome news. Some become happy and some get jealous...but at the end of the day....its your victory..! You are the master of the day!!!

People give you all sorts of advices before going for placement trials. My juniors asked me tons of advices as well. But there is this one big fact...that it all depends on your presence of mind and confi…

DAY 97 (Just before the deadline..!!!)

Just two more days left...for the joining...and there is a lot to do!!! I am panicking like hell....!!! Thats a disadvantage of having joining in your own city. You become lazy...and do things at the slowest pace. Result...panic right at the last moment!

I am getting so tired these days...maybe because after such a long rest...I have finally shaken my ass :D

In contrary to this time...generally I get over with these kind of works atleast a week before the deadline...but this is quite an exception...and I wonder if its gonna be okay on the grand day or not. Fingers crossed!

Oh yes...and I forgot to mention that yesterday was indeed a great day. I and Aditi had lots of fun...talked non-stop for hours....and she tried to teach me the tricks to saving once I start earning...(lol..because it'll all go in vain!)

And and arranging things are the only things I am doing these days. Please pray that everything goes well.

DAY 96 (A friendship tale..!!!)

Its gonna be an awesome day today...I can predict that right now. Why? Because I am gonna meet one of my closest friends today...after 6 months. She is working in Banglore since August....and now after so many months..she is back home for few days.

Her name is Aditi. Our friendship has been quite impossible in the beginning. After class 12th...when I did not get satisfactory result from the competitive exams...I decided to prepare for it by dropping one year and doing coaching. There is this famous coaching in Lucknow...TRIVAAG where my journey after school began. Those were few of the best days of my life..!!! My coaching rocked..!!!

I made friends in a blink there. There was this girl...Garima who belonged to Pilibhit and was living in a hostel here to prepare for exams. We became friends the very first day. And then gradually the network grew. I,Garima and gang...had a real blast in the full one year. We still are in contact and she comes to visit me here in Lucknow at times.

But th…

DAY 95 (Basic Rules...!!!)

People ask me many times " do you think of the titles of your poems...??? When do you write...??? What do you think while writing?" And there is a universal answer..."I just follow the mood!"

Writing (be it in any form..) is a pure reflection of the inside you. The one whom even you have been unaware of at times. Sometimes while writing poems or these blog-posts make me realize that... yeah...that was what I was I got it..!!!

Its not necessary that whatever you think...people nod their heads...or give applauses. Infact dislikings or negative opinions help you to improve. Although thats true that everyone needs encouragement....a push towards the path...but then you also know that there is always a scope for improvement. And thats what your real well-wishers help you to go for.

Having a large audience or a bunch of readers cannot beat the flavor of a handful honest feedbacks. If you have that courage to accept the mistakes and the drawbac…

DAY 94 (Being miserable..!!!)

A few weeks ago...while discussing something with my analysis friend he said "I've stopped crying over things which I can't change". I was amazed. And I still am. For me its like an automatic process. There is no facility of giving instructions and following them. Its just that it makes its own way through my eyes.

The failures, the unwanted amendments or anything in the world....! It leaves a mark...."Why did it happen?" or "What if...!" I always wanted to have these keys of "stop crying". But I could never succeed.

Does this makes me a sad person? But I am quite vibrant...I love having fun....and I am social as well. And so I don't think I should be tagged so. But I want an opinion from someone else.

Life gets miserable at times. It can't be weekly or monthly..! You cannot mark the maximum allowed miserable days on calendar. It happens when it is meant to happen. And if it gets frequent it the victim's fault?…

DAY 93 (Dadi..)

Ohh...I am in so much hurry right now...and thus announcing beforehand that this post is the fastest scribble ever! My Grandma says "jaldi ka kaam shaitan ka kaam hota hai" (Hurrying into something is the act of devil) but what to do...lets play evil today...LOL..!!

Today is Ashtmi actually....and most of you know what is it....! And for those who don't know...its a part of the NAVRATRA FESTIVAL! (I said that I am in a hurry right now..!)

My Grandma is such a rockstar (this is a sarcastic comment...mind you!) that she has now started fasting for the Wednesdays too. I do not know what for...and the detailings but I am so upset with this. She already fasts on Tuesdays,Thursdays and Saturdays....and now Wednesday too...!!! WTF!!!

She should understand that she is getting older and she is not any super-woman. Already she does stretches herself to strengths beyond the boundaries and now this one is the topping on the cake. I must say "Dadi...please grow up..!!"

This i…

DAY 92 (Enid Blyton..)

Well..I saw this biographical movie yesterday on ENID BLYTON (the famous author of many children classics) named ENID. You have to refer to her biography I guess to connect to this post....because I really want to put up some personal opinions here by narrating the story in my own words.

This lady....was a real hypocrite according to me. I don't know why...but I just could not justify her acts of shame. It was early in her childhood when her father left the home for another woman and she just being attached to him....chose to leave her mother and young little brothers on their own too as soon as she got into teenage. Her mother didn't really know what was her fault and so did her brothers and thus they tried to make her stay but all in vain.

When she took life on her own...her mother had passed away. She started writing and became a famous author as her fantacies and writings mapped the children's mind so appropriately. Every child wished if she was her mother. Many little a…

DAY 91 (Yukkkk..!!!)

Another GODFATHER for guys is out now....and yes I am talking about LSD (Love Sex and Dhoka) ! Standing ovation for Miss Ekta Kapoor who chose to leap from the head to toe covered Saas and bahus to directly all nude perverts...!! I have seen guys being so curious for this movie probably because its been a long time after DEV D for them to watch something "meaningful" like this.

I find you tube links of the promos and the special songs of the movie in their social networking site's status and they are just so proud of that. I am ...and I am sure every girl is amazed with the criteria of their meaningfulness!

Either everything yukkkyyyy is just their type or they have not been keen to explore any other thing in the world than this! I am sick and tired of the caller tunes which I get to hear now whenever I call up any one of them and then I just do not want to talk any further after that. I believe learning Biology compulsorily till class 10th atleast has given only this pe…

DAY 90 (The IPL infection...!!!)

Hey guys...IPL is on the move these days and I am finding people getting crazier in the progress. But why? Its just a game after all! My dad....for him its like a matter of life and death watching IPL. How can someone stare at every ball and every shot with same monotonous curiosity and excitement?
And why especially IPL gets this kind of attention? I it the cheer-leaders, the glamor world involved, the shorter time period needed to watch a complete match or what? It gets the same attention as the time when people got to know the day of independence or the preamble of the constitution for the very first time! 
I am not trying to offend any cricket lover here...but I am curious to know that what is it that has such kind of strong magnetic force towards the audience irrespective of gender...cast...creed or any other thing? People ready to cut-throats for just witnessing one LIVE match. All I get to hear in my own home or anywhere else is a cricket commentary. People are putting …

DAY 89 (The changes..!!!)

There are so many changes happening at this level...that sometimes I feel how do I keep them altogether at one place. Being on your own...brings so many things in the package. Confidence, responsibilties, expectations and excitement are just a few to count among the goodies.

And thats what I am going through these days. And now since this is gonna be the one of the permanent phases I have to be careful at the same time. One wrong step....and life is screwed!

People with zillions of opinions come and give their mantras on the same. They can't get one simple thing that I'll do what I am supposed to do and what I would want to do. But its ok....of they wanna waste their energy...what do I have to do with it?

But this is also something amazing...when the spotlight is on you. Everyone is talking about you everywhere (doesn't matter good or bad...any publicity is good!!!) and you are not even bothered....because you don't have any time to do so.


DAY 88 (Sharing..!!!)

Keeping things inside your heart may make you feel more burdened day by day and at one point of might not be able to carry it any further. The solution is...spit it out. Confess anyone..anyone in the whole damn world! He/she may be your soulmate, your best friend, your sibling or your parents. The point is...the purpose should be fulfilled.

Saying out and facing it is the bravest thing to do. Covering up the guilts would not be any good for you even in the exceptions. And this has been experienced personally by me.

Whoever you have chosen to be the one to share....would either give you a solution or in the least case would make you feel light atleast. If he/she is the right person chosen then you'll get to know that it hurts more by hiding the things rather than facing it face to face.

I have that one person whom I can allow to know me inside out. And thats a honour..! Everybody has that one person in their lives. All you have to do is search fo…

DAY 87 (The art of advisory...!!!)

It happens with me many a times that when something is badly messed up in my life...or things are not getting straight somehow...I start giving advices to all the crying souls of the world. Strange no? But yeah its true. I actually do that. I become the ultimate counselor at that time. Ask me,career,love...anything at all..!!! And you'll get the perfect answers. Your life will be straight back on track...and I will be left at that same messy point.

Probably I feel that solving other's problems...would get me my solution somehow too. But the thing is...I do ask the clients (no other word running in my mind...) to follow me...and they do that...but when its me..I can't follow myself back. And there I finish where I started..!!

That may be a rare phenomenon gifted exclusively for me. But its like a web....and I cannot come out of it just in a snap. It happens automatically. Some switch of advisory gets on as soon as I find myself in deep shit. And I pretend …

DAY 86 (Laughter Day..!!!)

Its a laughter day actually for me and my ANALYSIS FRIEND...!!! We both are too happy as we got our joinings after such long trial..!! His news came yesterday night. And it was Yippppieeeeeeeee...!!! :D

Its so strange that sometimes struggling together makes you friends. Every bad thing brings a perk with it to balance. And for me it was my ANALYSIS FRIEND..!! People come and go...and you many a times somehow skip to talk to the right me in college days! But then...if you are destined to be friends will surely find a way.

I know if any of my college mates are reading this....they would have find a real gossip by now...but you know what..I really don't care..!!! I live on my own terms...with like-minded people surrounding me. These guys are out of my circumference. its celebration time now...!!! Days have changed...and we are the winners! He got his joining in Banglore...(which is wow..!) and I am in Lucknow :( itself.

But the important thing is...we are …

DAY 85 (Loving your hometown...!!)

Aaaahhhhhhh.....yesterday was a typical shopping day..! Since now I have to start working....there are so many things to buy. So yesterday....since it was a sunday and also since none my sisters can accompany me due to their exams...I and dad...went for some of the footwear and handbags....! And to be innovative this time...we decided to go for different places rather than the usual ones. Phewwwwwww...and what an experience it was! All those stupid memories of Bareilly city rushed back to my head in that crazy mess. But since dad wanted me to have a flavor of this kind (thats how he quoted it..) as I had to be a warrior..!

I was so fucking tired...roaming from gali to find that one unique shop of handbags (thats also how my dad quoted it..) and find my choice of bags. I was too lazy to make a choice then...but I guess I made a good one..(wink..wink...!).

Footwear...couldn't suit me well before coming to this area...we had a…

DAY 84 (Thank HIM...!!)

As our grandparents say "we always remember God when we are not happy or in pain...but we forget to thank him when something good happens!" I chose to remember the golden words. And as I got the news of my joining date I went with my a very famous temple of thank God for this happiness finally.

I guess..being thankful is the least you can do from your side. Bowing head and giving two minutes to the one who created you is not that difficult. It gives you a certain kind of peace and satisfaction which you can't get by anything else in the world. And I am telling this by my own experience. I believe praying everyday...keeps me calm.....and helps me surviving against all odds of life.

Sometimes...some of the YOUNGISTANIS believe that this is something out-of-trend stupid things...which only Grandmas and mothers are supposed to do. But thats an absolute wrong conception. Youngsters need to be calm and composed more than any other generation.

I …

DAY 83 (The after effects...!!)

Success brings a lot of goodies in its package. Like yesterday....hearing that good-for-nothing me has finally got something great to do....people changed...their attitude changed..! And to be honest I was enjoying it...infact I was loving it...!!!

Its ok for me...if you can fool yourself by saying that you are happy for me....or blah blah blah...when all I know is that....what you always wished for me was all negative.

I got mixed reactions actually...there were some who were as stubborn on their so-called valid points as they always are...and some were fully flexible according to the situation. But by all that...I got to see the color of their true skins actually.

All that matters is that....what I have got...and how do I feel about it. Rest is history..!!! After such long waiting...I finally got to hear what I have been desperate to gift my ears....and thats the topmost thing for sure!

There is gonna be a second phase of life now...with new surrounding...and new perspe…


After such a long term patience...finally...I Er. Supriya Garg....finally got my date of joining from TATA CONSULTANCIES SERVICES..!!!

I am delighted to the core of my heart. Although....I got the place of joining in Lucknow itself...but its ok...atleast life started moving..! Waiting since 5th June, finally receive that phone-call of the most important piece of information was the day...!!!

My life has such huge importance of the number 3 really..! My birthday...12 september...1+2=3, my date of first placement 12 february...1+2=3, my call for joining...12 march.....1+2=3, my date of joining 30 march...3+0=3, every person who is close to me (except Akansha....and my youngest sis...the cutest and most precious exceptions ever..) have their birth date as a sum of 3 ! Isn't that the most awesome coincidence ever..!!!

I just love! Everything seems so beautiful and lively toda…

DAY 81 (Emerge as a winner...!!!)

Life comes in a package of ups and downs. Without those criss-cross roads... just imagine how monotonous would life be..!
Thats how I console myself...when I am feeling low or just not good. But you know...nothing works. You still still have swollen eyes and your head still aches with the vibrant echo of every incident which is responsible for this mood of yours. feel like just spitting out everything bad that happened and make yourself light. And at other just wanna be left alone. There are some exceptional third cases where you want to spit out the things but you are afraid what if you do and then you are blamed for everything that happened. You'll be upset even more..!!! And so you just drop the idea.

FORGIVE AND FORGET...thats what we all have been hearing from past so many years. But it doesn't come naturally....and if it don't feel normal..! Sometimes it does come naturally...but not at the appropriate time when it is …

DAY 80 (What a mess..!!)

I really HATE it....when people misunderstand silly things,take it otherwise and then don't even bother to inform the other person that they are annoyed over something. Fine...if there is some misunderstanding....but atleast talk it out face to face! And before some other misunderstanding crops up.....let me clear...that here I am talking about one of my college please those who were thinking its about them...please just to let you know...I have other people in my life as well !

So where was I? this guy....we are good friends (as I feel..) and he is kind of a fun-loving dude. We share a lot of jokes...and have almost same kind of sense-of-humor. 

Forward messaging started our friendship actually...and just like my ANALYSIS FRIEND (he is ok with this I am continuing with it..) we started talking after the college. 

Among those forward messages this guy used to send me those messages which were like... answer few things about me and etc etc.

I never answe…

DAY 79 (A blessing in disguise...!!)

I am super duper happy today...!!! And two reasons for that.....ofcourse one of them is regarding Akansha... and another one cannot be guessed so stop thinking!

First let me tell you the more predictable reason of happiness. If you guys would have seen my twitter updates....I was not able to talk to Akansha since 3 days on phone. Some sim problem....and a long story... so let it be. But finally got to hear her voice yesterday through some arranged sim...and that was like awesome...!!! Morning also started with her phone super-duper awesome...!

Now coming to the unpredictable part....well I have told you in my earlier post that I did not have any brother not even in my cousins until and unless I found my two brothers...LUV-KUSH. And then later on recently I got a real angel bro in my life YASH by my chacha and chachi ! And guess what I am luckier than the luckiest girl on this planet because yesterday I found my 4th bro...!! And how,who,when....will be answered one by one.


DAY 78 (Losing memory...!!! )

My best friend Akansha says..."Its sometimes better to have a weak memory. The more you forget....the happier you are!!!" And its just so true.

Keeping things in your head and then feeding them your attention nourishes them to the core and they become the giant devils who are ready to take over your whole system now. And thats not good for you. Having a sharp memory cannot be good as a generalization. And I have experienced it myself.

Try and forget things as much as you can. That will let you pass through the way ahead. Although I myself am still trying. But atleast I am trying! Thats the best thing to do when you can't do anything else.

Forgetting things also diminishes the dilemma of forgiving others as well. You need not take any decision. Just move ahead and let the sinner deal with himself. Thinking about ourselves is not bad at all. Try it....and trust me you'll not be feeling guilty.

Till then...for a change try and make your memory an old soul who needs some…

DAY 77 (Disgusting..!!!)

When I see my sisters...I become so horrified at times!!! What stamina dude...!!! These girls study for almost 13 hours a day....specially the one preparing for medical entrance exams. I agree that medical entrance is quite tough and needs that kind of dedication for sure but for god's sake....13 hours...?!?!?!

I do not have that kind of stamina for sure...and even if I did....I would have gone complete crazy by now... (by the way...she is a little!!! :D ) !

But for this kind of insane hardwork....I would blame the system really...!!! Such few seats available and then half of it are filled by the reserved categories...where do we go??? Thats something really disgusting...

Sometimes I feel....that the easiness with which engineering entrances are passed through...I wish half of the seats were transferred to these aspiring medical chaps as well...!!! Poor guys really!

Its something next to impossible....these days. And it should not be that ways I suppose. Youngsters …

DAY 76 (Proud to be a UPTU engineer...!!! )

Image give a live example...yesterday I was talking about patience and in the night I got the fruitful result! Having nothing to do....waiting endlessly for joinings.....was quite creepy and have tested my patience a lot. And then yesterday...I got an e-mail from one of the two companies that we have to give a pre-assesment test on 31st march in Gurgaon so that those guys may decide our training time period. And I got so excited..!!! Yes...excited...!!! not because I like studying or anything....but its because finally I'll be doing something constructive as the deadline is round the corner and the course is huge. Actually....we the UPTU engineers...have certain specific qualities in them. For example...we can't start working until and unless the deadline is hanging on our head, we enjoy everything (specially related to studies) to the core and you'll see us enjoying the most just a day before the!!! :D

For the present situation.....there is m…

DAY 75 (Being patient....!!)

When I was a Grandma used to teach me that patience is the key answer to all the questions in the world. Have patience and then enjoy success..! Being very fragile at that age I very conveniently used to forget the golden words at every other trouble and then become so depressed at times. But now....when things have grown alongwith me.. I have learnt the essence of the lesson. And it has really helped me many a times.

Be it your career,your relationships or any other thing in the world ....patience always is the best companion. If things are not getting right....just hold yourself there and wait for a while. You'll notice the fruitful effect.

Doing repetitive actions will make you inefficient and incompetent in the end. If you have done your karma, you are bound to get the result.

Immaturity turns to maturity with the first step of the journey being patience. Being hyper and over-reacting would make a fool of yourself and nothing else. Meanwhile...I am sure there will be …

DAY 74 (An awesome wholesome day... :D...! )

First of all...really sorry guys for a bit delay in the post today. was worth the delay actually..! It was a day with Akansha.... :D and no need to say how awesome it was! We watched movie together....enjoyed till the extreme and what not ! We went for Karthik calling Karthik in an almost empty hall (not our fault actually..) and were laughing our heart out throughout the movie...even in the most serious scenes...not because the movie was bad or anything but because there were really "item" people in there...!!! We had something today which is called real funnnnn...!!!

It feels so nice when you have someone to be there for you 24* be an all time friend,philosopher and guide!! And needless to say I have one such person in my life in the form of my sweetheart Akansha..!!! 

We can enjoy in the worst conditions...we can celebrate with least available resources and time just flies away when we are together...! And mention very importantly...Akansha was kil…

DAY 73 (Insane system of education..!)

Oh my God...!! I am so petrified right now. Why? Because its my sister's first paper of 12th class board exams today. Although I know that she will rock but the thought of her first board paper is giving me goosebumps. My fingers are all crossed hoping for the best. And I hope that my prayers do work.

In this era of cut-throat competition...there is so much comparison to such high-level references that the child is half-dead to imagine the consequences if he/she doesn't score better than the other relatives. Its really insane but people don't understand it.

I have seen my own sister struggling with this crazy ideology and all I do is just console her. Thats because I know that its never gonna end. People will remain the same and so will be their thinking. They will pressurize the child and then put their hands up saying that they don't have a clue why the child is getting so dull and weak.

For just once... they should let them do it on their own without any baggage of …

DAY 72 (Cool dadi...!!!)

You might have seen happy-go-lucky people around you. And sometimes when you are sad or depressed you might have wondered if you too could be like them too. But among those happy-go-lucky people there are very few who are lively at the same time. Being happy-go-lucky is all about keeping yourself happy but being lively is a much tougher job. It requires you to control all the craziness in your personal life and spreading smiles to all the weeping souls all around you. And I met one such person yesterday.

I have met her many years ago but then I was too young to remember her. She is one of my Grandma's friend. They are friends since years now and as she says...."the story of their friendship is worth being published in a book!!"

Everyone calls her SHUKLA AUNTY or MRS. SHUKLA but I call her COOL DADI...!! And she is literally cool....just like my own Grandma. She came with her son and daughter-in-law to visit Grandma yesterday and they were just so much fun to talk to. I w…

DAY 71 (Had an amazing Holi..!!! )

Ohhh.....what an amazing day..!! I had one of the best times in my life. Morning started with the sound of DHOL being played in our colony...on the occasion of Holi! Since my sisters have their exams  on the corner so it was already decided that they won't play colors this time just to be precautionary. But as I mentioned yesterday...we have this funda of enjoying the festival anyhow to give it the deserved respect. And hence we three danced endlessly. Mom joined us so it was just unlimited funnnnnn....!!!

But then...since I did not have any obligation not to play colors or anything so I was feeling incomplete. And hence I convinced my Dad to take me to Akansha's place to actually celebrate holi in the true sense. And what blast we had...gosh...!!! It was a battle of 3:1. Akansha and my two brothers luv,kush on one side and I on another. And still no one!! For the first time I celebrated my holi with few of the most cherishing people of my life. And it was like YUHO…