DAY 77 (Disgusting..!!!)

When I see my sisters...I become so horrified at times!!! What stamina dude...!!! These girls study for almost 13 hours a day....specially the one preparing for medical entrance exams. I agree that medical entrance is quite tough and needs that kind of dedication for sure but for god's sake....13 hours...?!?!?!

I do not have that kind of stamina for sure...and even if I did....I would have gone complete crazy by now... (by the way...she is a little!!! :D ) !

But for this kind of insane hardwork....I would blame the system really...!!! Such few seats available and then half of it are filled by the reserved categories...where do we go??? Thats something really disgusting...

Sometimes I feel....that the easiness with which engineering entrances are passed through...I wish half of the seats were transferred to these aspiring medical chaps as well...!!! Poor guys really!

Its something next to impossible....these days. And it should not be that ways I suppose. Youngsters are so stressed and they are killing themselves. Is that fair??? Absolutely not!

I hope someday things would change...otherwise this nation would really be full of MUNNABHAI MBBS..!!! 


  1. I feel that we are reserved by 50%...:)
    We can just blame the system at this level...
    The change will soon be brought about.
    Wait for me becoming the PM or Presi..:)

    These medicos are eally awesome fellows. They study for 7-8 hours even if they get through a college..:)
    No need to wry about ur sis. She's getting well prepared.:)



  2. @nipun...really thanks for your wishes..!!! fingers crossed...!!

  3. @chandrika...thanks a ton..!! and welcome to my blog...!!

  4. Whaat..!! No..

    You cant do that to our children.. Where will they go if the seats in engineering are given away... I know.. Then they will aspire to become doctors..!! lol

  5. @chanz...ha ha i intended to balance the seats actually..!!


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