DAY 89 (The changes..!!!)

There are so many changes happening at this level...that sometimes I feel how do I keep them altogether at one place. Being on your own...brings so many things in the package. Confidence, responsibilties, expectations and excitement are just a few to count among the goodies.

And thats what I am going through these days. And now since this is gonna be the one of the permanent phases I have to be careful at the same time. One wrong step....and life is screwed!

People with zillions of opinions come and give their mantras on the same. They can't get one simple thing that I'll do what I am supposed to do and what I would want to do. But its ok....of they wanna waste their energy...what do I have to do with it?

But this is also something amazing...when the spotlight is on you. Everyone is talking about you everywhere (doesn't matter good or bad...any publicity is good!!!) and you are not even bothered....because you don't have any time to do so.

Well...people's attitude change as the power varies. Thats a natural phenomenon. I can't accuse them of being normal...right? So I'll just shrug it off....and move on.. :)


  1. I hope this comment goes through. Been visiting you here and for some reason, it kept redirecting me to another site.

    And yes, I agree you can't control other people's attitude so no point wasting your energy on that one.=)

  2. @brenda...yes your comment got through dear! and yes...saving energy is what a sensible person is supposed to do...!!! :)

  3. "Badnaami mein bhi naam h."
    I feel the same di!!
    Maja aata h khoob..:)
    Just listen to everyone and gather up some writing material.
    No need to retain the thoughts..:)
    Ye to hota hi h..



  4. Move on..move on..MOve on...
    Thats the Mooo mantra

    C' yourself and that's the best part about life!

  5. move on......not in cirlce though :P

    BTW ur comment on my blog was really fast :D

  6. because your post was too short to complete... :D
    just have some awesome "funny n funky" scribbles there dude..!

  7. Enjoy the spot light when it lasts Supriya....

  8. let them waste their time and energy..move on,enjoy ur life and do what u really want to..:)

  9. @chitz...i will...for sure....!


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