DAY 79 (A blessing in disguise...!!)

I am super duper happy today...!!! And two reasons for that.....ofcourse one of them is regarding Akansha... and another one cannot be guessed so stop thinking!

First let me tell you the more predictable reason of happiness. If you guys would have seen my twitter updates....I was not able to talk to Akansha since 3 days on phone. Some sim problem....and a long story... so let it be. But finally got to hear her voice yesterday through some arranged sim...and that was like awesome...!!! Morning also started with her phone super-duper awesome...!

Now coming to the unpredictable part....well I have told you in my earlier post that I did not have any brother not even in my cousins until and unless I found my two brothers...LUV-KUSH. And then later on recently I got a real angel bro in my life YASH by my chacha and chachi ! And guess what I am luckier than the luckiest girl on this planet because yesterday I found my 4th bro...!! And how,who,when....will be answered one by one.

When I started blogging... in one of my very earlier posts I mentioned something about the internet love stories which start in chat rooms...and people get crazy about them. And for me that was ridiculous. I never thought that meeting people on internet can be genuine at all. But I also never gave it a thought that these meetings could expect something much more meaningful than a love relationship and all. And thats how I got my 4th bro...!! One of my very early followers.... NIPUN MIITTAL aka NUTS has been a real sweetheart since months. We got connected on facebook after following each other on blogs for a long time...chatted there many a times and then became almost regular in chats. I got to know this guy so much and I really found him so genuine and kind-hearted. And then when yesterday....we were talking...he told me that he doesn't have any real sister...and if I could be one. And I was extremely and deeply touched..!!! Why wouldn't I be??So now I am Nipun's (I don't know if I can display his nickname official DI and he is one of my exclusive brothers. And I feel so damn lucky. 

You learn so much about making and maintaining relationships as you grow older. And lessons as sweet as this one are more than welcome..!!! All thanks to.... NIPUN !!! 


  1. Nipun.. kahan hai tu......????????

  2. @chanz...kya ho gaya? maarna mat use??? bhai hai mera... :)

  3. Sweet post.
    He is a real cool guy!

  4. @sorcerer...he surely is..!!

  5. The Delly Belly boy is really wonderful blogger.. You both will do great as brother and sister...

  6. Touched di touched!!
    Very touched...:)
    *sob sob*
    u made my day!!
    Feels so lucky to hv a sis lyk u..:)
    Thnx for everything..
    Exclusive brother tag is just awesome.
    An ode for me..:)
    I will be leaving for Delhi 2day...:)
    The interview u c.
    M super excited from yesterday and now I m awesomely excited.
    WIsh me Luck..:)



    p.s U can take that name of mine di. Chanz se bachao mujhe...:( Thnx all..

  7. internet rlns can b genuine too dearie...well me n my hubs met in orkut..:)

    lucky girl u r,another bro to the list..:)

  8. @farida....thanks farida...!!

  9. @nippu....all the best will rock...and about chanz...don't worry...kuch nahi karegi...!!! :)

  10. @chitz....ohhh wow...!! for the first time i am hearing personally from someone who has a successful internet relationship..!!! heartiest congratulations...


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