DAY 83 (The after effects...!!)

Success brings a lot of goodies in its package. Like yesterday....hearing that good-for-nothing me has finally got something great to do....people changed...their attitude changed..! And to be honest I was enjoying it...infact I was loving it...!!!

Its ok for me...if you can fool yourself by saying that you are happy for me....or blah blah blah...when all I know is that....what you always wished for me was all negative.

I got mixed reactions actually...there were some who were as stubborn on their so-called valid points as they always are...and some were fully flexible according to the situation. But by all that...I got to see the color of their true skins actually.

All that matters is that....what I have got...and how do I feel about it. Rest is history..!!! After such long waiting...I finally got to hear what I have been desperate to gift my ears....and thats the topmost thing for sure!

There is gonna be a second phase of life now...with new surrounding...and new perspective. And I have to do is to be all ready for that.

The silver lining has finally popped in...and I don't wanna miss it now. So all go..... hoping that the grey clouds are permanently gone now..!


  1. u know what my dad says... He says, "jab tum bade aadmi ban jaoge to duniya tumhare peeche bhaagegi, nahi to koi puchega bhi nahi".. the world is mean and it has people who are even more mean...

  2. All the best for the new phase of your life...

  3. आपको बहुत बहुत सुभकामनाएँ आगे के लिए.... :)

    मैं भी कुछ नया करने की सोच रहा हूँ...भगवान की दया और अपनों की दुआ रही तो जरूर पूरा होगा...

  4. @abhi....abhi ji...can't read hindi font...really sorry...!

  5. Very true di..
    Those hu didnt responded to me before I got a job chngd suddnly..
    They are all wolves.
    Ready to take our advntg.
    Kudos to kick them..



  6. @nipun...he he he...yes and we are the fighters...!!

  7. @supriya..
    its ok...actually i forgot tht hindi font are not readable in your browser....

    anyways, hum to aapko subhkanayen dene chale aaye the bas :)

    wish u all d best for the new phase in your life... :)

    mee too hv certain specific goals to achieve..some plannings slated to around april, lets see what happens next :)

    take care :)

  8. @abhi...thank you for all the wishes...! i really appreciate it..


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