DAY 84 (Thank HIM...!!)

As our grandparents say "we always remember God when we are not happy or in pain...but we forget to thank him when something good happens!" I chose to remember the golden words. And as I got the news of my joining date I went with my a very famous temple of thank God for this happiness finally.

I guess..being thankful is the least you can do from your side. Bowing head and giving two minutes to the one who created you is not that difficult. It gives you a certain kind of peace and satisfaction which you can't get by anything else in the world. And I am telling this by my own experience. I believe praying everyday...keeps me calm.....and helps me surviving against all odds of life.

Sometimes...some of the YOUNGISTANIS believe that this is something out-of-trend stupid things...which only Grandmas and mothers are supposed to do. But thats an absolute wrong conception. Youngsters need to be calm and composed more than any other generation.

I am not being spiritual or anything of that sort. Its just about faith....about belief. Atleast it won't take away anything from no harm in giving it a shot. Just thank HIM for the new day which he has bestowed you with. You might not understand its importance today...but you will someday. But then it will be too late to rewind and bring back the lost moments. Trust me....! 


  1. way to go!!!!n congrats on joinin..which company?

  2. @chitz...Tata Consultancies Services (TCS)..!


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