DAY 78 (Losing memory...!!! )

My best friend Akansha says..."Its sometimes better to have a weak memory. The more you forget....the happier you are!!!" And its just so true.

Keeping things in your head and then feeding them your attention nourishes them to the core and they become the giant devils who are ready to take over your whole system now. And thats not good for you. Having a sharp memory cannot be good as a generalization. And I have experienced it myself.

Try and forget things as much as you can. That will let you pass through the way ahead. Although I myself am still trying. But atleast I am trying! Thats the best thing to do when you can't do anything else.

Forgetting things also diminishes the dilemma of forgiving others as well. You need not take any decision. Just move ahead and let the sinner deal with himself. Thinking about ourselves is not bad at all. Try it....and trust me you'll not be feeling guilty.

Till then...for a change try and make your memory an old soul who needs some rest for a while and enjoy the present and the future..!!! Trust me...losing memory will help you avoid losing your mind..!

PS- I wish all the women reading this post a very HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY!!! Proud to be a woman.....!


  1. true.. It is best to live in the present...

    btw wish u a very happy women's day.. We rock..!! \m/

  2. the present..forget the past..the key is not to take things personal..

  3. @sorcerer...rightly the way....welcome back to my comment box :)

  4. Agree with u..
    But there are times when the same meories come back to u again n again..:(

    The sharp mind that we ppl have doesnt let them go watever we do.
    But then u are write..:)
    Will try this for sure.

    Happy Women's Day



    p.s. Akansha Ji is a great teachr..:)

  5. @nipun....arrey akansha is a rockstar....!! :D

  6. I try so hard but I cannot forget things.. Good when I write an exam though..
    One of the reasons why I blog about incidences so that remembering them will not be troublesome.

  7. be honest...i have already mentioned in my blog...that even i am still trying...lets see...
    keep trying is the only thing i can do....because i have to do atleast this much for akansha...

  8. Forget the past (if it was a bad past)
    Some times memories keep you going.


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