DAY 71 (Had an amazing Holi..!!! )

Ohhh.....what an amazing day..!! I had one of the best times in my life. Morning started with the sound of DHOL being played in our colony...on the occasion of Holi! Since my sisters have their exams  on the corner so it was already decided that they won't play colors this time just to be precautionary. But as I mentioned yesterday...we have this funda of enjoying the festival anyhow to give it the deserved respect. And hence we three danced endlessly. Mom joined us so it was just unlimited funnnnnn....!!!

But then...since I did not have any obligation not to play colors or anything so I was feeling incomplete. And hence I convinced my Dad to take me to Akansha's place to actually celebrate holi in the true sense. And what blast we had...gosh...!!! It was a battle of 3:1. Akansha and my two brothers luv,kush on one side and I on another. And still no one!! For the first time I celebrated my holi with few of the most cherishing people of my life. And it was like YUHOOOOOOO...!!! Still battling with the colors to get off my skin...but its not holi if you do not look multicolored clowns in the evening :D

Dinner is at dadi's place and for now I am feeling really drowsy. So chao people..!! HAPPY HOLI once again..!!!


  1. 3:1 and you held on them... Great. I love your brother's name Luv and Kush. They are beautiful names but so rarely used. Someday blog about your brothers...

  2. @farida..he he thanks..!! and about my brothers i have already written a post on them. check this out

  3. Basically I'm from tamil nadu. We never celebrate holi in TN. Now I'm in pune. After seeing the celebration of holi i was so excited and me too joined with my friends and we had a nice "holi"day.Tanx for sharing your zestfull day with us.

  4. @sailesh...good that you finally could celebrate this amazing festival...!!

  5. oooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeee
    thanx u maza aa gai thi..........

  6. @anonymous...he he he..maza to aa gai thi sacchi..!


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