DAY 95 (Basic Rules...!!!)

People ask me many times " do you think of the titles of your poems...??? When do you write...??? What do you think while writing?" And there is a universal answer..."I just follow the mood!"

Writing (be it in any form..) is a pure reflection of the inside you. The one whom even you have been unaware of at times. Sometimes while writing poems or these blog-posts make me realize that... yeah...that was what I was I got it..!!!

Its not necessary that whatever you think...people nod their heads...or give applauses. Infact dislikings or negative opinions help you to improve. Although thats true that everyone needs encouragement....a push towards the path...but then you also know that there is always a scope for improvement. And thats what your real well-wishers help you to go for.

Having a large audience or a bunch of readers cannot beat the flavor of a handful honest feedbacks. If you have that courage to accept the mistakes and the are gonna be the best one day...mark my words..!!!

Also one should always have the ability and the strength to laugh on our ownselves. I do not mean discouraging yourself or so...I just intend to impart some fun rather than sarcasm. I have seen people who.. with pointed fingers laugh at the freshers but when someone else tries to do the same they feel offended. Thats ridiculous! If you know how to laugh at yourself ... the world is gonna be at your feet one day. Be humble... and accept the defeat. Victory follows you hereafter...
All the best..!!!


  1. Well you are right... The first step to moving forward is accepting your mistakes... Without them we can whine and whine but never reach the core of the problem. Take things lightly and be proud of making mistakes...

  2. exactly...totally agree with your each and every point..

    and for writing, my view is same as your...
    humein to agar koi bhi ek insaan taareef de deta hai fir ye jaroorat nahi lagti ki aur kitne saare logon ne taaref ki...agar aapka likha hua ek ko bhi pasand aaya to iska sirf yahi maane hai ki aap achha likhte hain :)

    aur galtiyan karne se hi to insaan sikhta hai...even i did many mistakes in my students days but i guess i learnt a lot from my mistakes....

    mistakes makes you improve urself...

    kaam ke kaaran aapke blog pe jaldi nahi aa pata but jab bhi padhta hun achha lagta hai... :)

  3. @abhi..thanks abhi..i really appreciate you encouragement..!

  4. Hi... Supriya. Just came across your blog. i liked your this post. its true to reach the way to perfection, criticism is must. It helps you to know your mistakes as well as the others views and suggestions. and finally you know the right way out. I am personally a Doctor but the worst part is i can never be perfect, because i have to deal with thousands of bodies, that are so difficult to deal with. and on first attempt its maximum times you face disappointment.
    M not into blogging, as i hardly have time to, but in my free time i love reading articles on random blogs. Anyways nice article.

  5. @Dr.nidhi...thanks nidhi...i hope to see you more here..!

  6. Very well said di..:)
    Its all about our " Andar ki aawaz."
    The humor thing is also very true..:)
    We must learn to laugh on ourselves..
    And I will never stop commenting at ur blog..:)
    After all I am one of those whom u are talking about in the blog..:)



  7. @nippu..hahaaha...!! yeah right..!!

  8. be humble, accept the defeat supriya ,ur blog is really crap ;) ;) ;)

    he he just kidding, keep writing :)

  9. I love your frank writing... because by now you must be knowing that I am not a person who can mince words ... I write what I truly feel about and that is the way I talk too. It is amazing to see you post everyday...


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