DAY 88 (Sharing..!!!)

Keeping things inside your heart may make you feel more burdened day by day and at one point of might not be able to carry it any further. The solution is...spit it out. Confess anyone..anyone in the whole damn world! He/she may be your soulmate, your best friend, your sibling or your parents. The point is...the purpose should be fulfilled.

Saying out and facing it is the bravest thing to do. Covering up the guilts would not be any good for you even in the exceptions. And this has been experienced personally by me.

Whoever you have chosen to be the one to share....would either give you a solution or in the least case would make you feel light atleast. If he/she is the right person chosen then you'll get to know that it hurts more by hiding the things rather than facing it face to face.

I have that one person whom I can allow to know me inside out. And thats a honour..! Everybody has that one person in their lives. All you have to do is search for him/her. He is right there or somewhere around you. Just be a part of each other...and share life with acceptance as it comes to you every new day.


  1. What a simplicity in telling such a big thought!!
    Spit it out!!
    Loved it di!!
    I have also found that person..:)
    Cowards are evrywhere and they suck!!
    Kudos to di!!



  2. @nippu...thanks nippu..cheers..!!

  3. its always nice to have a soulmate and secret keeper exclusively for u..:)

  4. :( I have my friends... but somethings are just inside me... I dont take them out... However, I have a bad experience... Everytime I keep things bottled up inside me, when they atain a saturation point, it blasts.. that too with a lot of pressure... thats the worst thing.. I tend to say things which I wouldnt actually... not when i am in full control of myself..

  5. @chanz...then babe...just spit it out as i said...try atleast...!! slowly you'll get used to of it..

  6. Hi!
    Some sorrows are best when its deep within us,the lost souls mourn, the lost loves pain,such pains maynot reach the other in the same depth and that may bring more pain, so let some wounds be left behind, to be nurtured by ourself

  7. @readers dais...quite apt...i really dont know what to say..!

  8. A good thought Supriya.. being where I am now has been through a rough road and I have learned my lessons that spitting it out can be sometimes dangerous. I bottled up and it started emotionally draining me... it was then that I found professional counseling which has helped me a lot. Yeah .. it is important to spit it out.

  9. @ghost script writer..thank you so much..!

  10. @farida...i am glad that you understood it before it was too late..!


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