DAY 97 (Just before the deadline..!!!)

Just two more days left...for the joining...and there is a lot to do!!! I am panicking like hell....!!! Thats a disadvantage of having joining in your own city. You become lazy...and do things at the slowest pace. Result...panic right at the last moment!

I am getting so tired these days...maybe because after such a long rest...I have finally shaken my ass :D

In contrary to this time...generally I get over with these kind of works atleast a week before the deadline...but this is quite an exception...and I wonder if its gonna be okay on the grand day or not. Fingers crossed!

Oh yes...and I forgot to mention that yesterday was indeed a great day. I and Aditi had lots of fun...talked non-stop for hours....and she tried to teach me the tricks to saving once I start earning...(lol..because it'll all go in vain!)

And and arranging things are the only things I am doing these days. Please pray that everything goes well.


  1. HI Supss....

    Everything's gonna be just okay.... Last moment jitters.... that's it.... do what you are doing.... All the best!!!

  2. @Ratz...Thanks Ratz..I just hope so as well..!!

  3. Sending some prayers your way.... Good luck dear Supriya

  4. Supriya, read this

    Fatal mistakes when starting a new job

    All the best

  5. one more

  6. Glad you had a good time yesterday. Good luck to you. My fingers are crossed. Toes too... LOL

  7. so generous of you dude..!! thanks..!!

  8. a great day.
    Learn to save (Miss garg = baniya)
    Don't panic..
    Just give it ur best shot.
    Apan engg log to tension mein best perform krte hain..:)



  9. to bilkul sahi bola tune..!! engineers can't work until and unless there is no other option left.. :P


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