DAY 75 (Being patient....!!)

When I was a Grandma used to teach me that patience is the key answer to all the questions in the world. Have patience and then enjoy success..! Being very fragile at that age I very conveniently used to forget the golden words at every other trouble and then become so depressed at times. But now....when things have grown alongwith me.. I have learnt the essence of the lesson. And it has really helped me many a times.

Be it your career,your relationships or any other thing in the world ....patience always is the best companion. If things are not getting right....just hold yourself there and wait for a while. You'll notice the fruitful effect.

Doing repetitive actions will make you inefficient and incompetent in the end. If you have done your karma, you are bound to get the result.

Immaturity turns to maturity with the first step of the journey being patience. Being hyper and over-reacting would make a fool of yourself and nothing else. Meanwhile...I am sure there will be the evil-spirits following you...who would apply all their forces to break you make you as disgusting as them but thats where you have to grab yourself.

Try out for once....and then LIVE LIFE KING SIZE...!!!


  1. patience is a virtue which not everyone,i am one of the most impatient souls in the whole world...:)

  2. @chitz...he he he...try try till you succeed!!

  3. me too.. totally impatient... but a friend of mine made me learn how what patience can do to u..

    And I am gradually learning the art of being patient..

    trust me, it works well.. just too well..

  4. @chanz....yipppiee....way to go...!!

  5. i agree... things become a bit smoother once you act patiently.

  6. @anuradha... welcome to my little corner..!! :)

  7. Patience..
    I am a very patient guy.
    Have lots of it.
    I was patient a little while ago but when it comes to pee I become so impatient.




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