DAY 93 (Dadi..)

Ohh...I am in so much hurry right now...and thus announcing beforehand that this post is the fastest scribble ever! My Grandma says "jaldi ka kaam shaitan ka kaam hota hai" (Hurrying into something is the act of devil) but what to do...lets play evil today...LOL..!!

Today is Ashtmi actually....and most of you know what is it....! And for those who don't know...its a part of the NAVRATRA FESTIVAL! (I said that I am in a hurry right now..!)

My Grandma is such a rockstar (this is a sarcastic comment...mind you!) that she has now started fasting for the Wednesdays too. I do not know what for...and the detailings but I am so upset with this. She already fasts on Tuesdays,Thursdays and Saturdays....and now Wednesday too...!!! WTF!!!

She should understand that she is getting older and she is not any super-woman. Already she does stretches herself to strengths beyond the boundaries and now this one is the topping on the cake. I must say "Dadi...please grow up..!!"

This is really something childish. A kid does these kind of experiments on himself....just to see...what happens. And I find it ridiculous. God knows that all she does is praying. Then why stop eating for that? now I am going to her place...for well as...some scoldings...which are much needed!
Chao guys....!


  1. guess what.. My mom is getting into these absurdities these days... And she doesnt listen to me at all.. Okay, she wants to loose weight (she has already lost about 30 kgs and she looks thin and weak and the charm of her face has gone).. I think she is eyeing kareena kapoor and may give her competition for size zero.. Who knows.. But she is definitely giving me complex.. :x

  2. I've never tried fasting!! :D My granny does it too!!

  3. Till last year I have fasted in the month of Ramzan.. this year let me see. I feel your Dadi is wise enough to know what is good for her. Good luck and a big hug to her

  4. It has always been a mystery for me that why people fast on our very own God's Birthdays.
    We give parties to our fellows and friends while we fast on God Bdays...
    I just dont get this thing.
    It was my first ashtmi pooja with my Mom.
    she's not into such things but my landlady here persuaded her to do all the Navaratras.
    Getting old is as good as becoming a child..:)
    U need someone near u for everything...
    But I wanna grow up once again..
    na na nana, na na na nana....................



  5. @chanz...ohh...moms and grandmoms are very hard to handle really...especially in these cases..!

  6. @wink...same here...although i do fast on janmashtmi and shivratri but those can't be termed as fasting...because i eat more than ever on both the days!

  7. @farida..but how can not eating be good for anyone.. x-(

  8. @nipun...i wish growing up all over again was possible..!! life would have have been only a rewind button for me then..! :)


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