DAY 76 (Proud to be a UPTU engineer...!!! ) give a live example...yesterday I was talking about patience and in the night I got the fruitful result! Having nothing to do....waiting endlessly for joinings.....was quite creepy and have tested my patience a lot. And then yesterday...I got an e-mail from one of the two companies that we have to give a pre-assesment test on 31st march in Gurgaon so that those guys may decide our training time period. And I got so excited..!!! Yes...excited...!!! not because I like studying or anything....but its because finally I'll be doing something constructive as the deadline is round the corner and the course is huge. Actually....we the UPTU engineers...have certain specific qualities in them. For example...we can't start working until and unless the deadline is hanging on our head, we enjoy everything (specially related to studies) to the core and you'll see us enjoying the most just a day before the!!! :D

For the present situation.....there is more planning of how to schedule everything in such a way so that we can see Delhi with few of our friends already staying there and do some shopping...!!!

Its really gonna be fun...I am sure. And about exams...don't you worry! We'll manage...!!! And thats the spirit of a UPTU ENGINEER..!!! gotta go...have to study a lot..!!! He he he....gotcha...!!! :D


  1. @chanz...Uttar Pradesh technical has more than 500 colleges under it...!

  2. WOW!!
    Finally someone is all set to go...:)
    Shopping would be fun but Gurgaon mein nahi.
    The same condition is mine and obviously all the engineers.
    We just rock!!
    Patience results...hmmm
    All the best for ur shopping..errrr...Studies.



  3. thank you..!!

  4. well same is with all the engineers, be it of UPTU, or VTU(our university) or any other...

    engineers have certain charm and attitude of their own :)

    by d way i just miss my engineering dayz a lot :)

  5. @abhi...cheers to engineering..!!

  6. Hi Supriya.. looks like I have quite a few blogs to catch up here..I tried commenting on your stressed out students blog but it kept jumping to some other site...

    Looks like there is lot of fun ...

  7. @farida...ohh..thats strange that my comment box is giving you troubles...! i was missing your comments too :(
    and yes engineers are actually funnn...!!


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