DAY 74 (An awesome wholesome day... :D...! )

First of all...really sorry guys for a bit delay in the post today. was worth the delay actually..! It was a day with Akansha.... :D and no need to say how awesome it was! We watched movie together....enjoyed till the extreme and what not ! We went for Karthik calling Karthik in an almost empty hall (not our fault actually..) and were laughing our heart out throughout the movie...even in the most serious scenes...not because the movie was bad or anything but because there were really "item" people in there...!!! We had something today which is called real funnnnn...!!!

It feels so nice when you have someone to be there for you 24* be an all time friend,philosopher and guide!! And needless to say I have one such person in my life in the form of my sweetheart Akansha..!!! 

We can enjoy in the worst conditions...we can celebrate with least available resources and time just flies away when we are together...! And mention very importantly...Akansha was killing the guys out there today..!!!

This is not today's pic but I can't really hold myself without uploading it...

Nothing to write much today....because I am still in the lala lalalala la.....!! :D
Good bye folks....cya tomorrow..!!


  1. ohhoo great !! u hv a nice day :)
    seems holi ke baad aapke din aur bhi achhe beetne lage hain ;)

    same happened with me once, we planned to go movie "black and white"(starring anil kapoor) and the whole theatre was empty ;) ;)

    and ya,
    all the three pics are awesome :) pic no.2 is the bestest i guess :)

  2. Awesome pics!!
    Was missing ur blog so much dat evn u cant imagine...:)
    Finally i can read things..
    Having a nice time...:)




    p.s. Happy Holi..

  3. @nipun...welcome back dear...!! and thanks for praising the pics...!!! happy holi to you too...hope you had a great time...

  4. I went through ur diary(blog).I'm thanking u for sharing ur experience of day to day life. It helps to manage our stress and remember the memories of our past...

  5. @sailesh.....your most welcome...!!

  6. cute... really cute.. I love the friendship that u too share..

    just like sonali, harpreet and i share... my super sexy best friends.. :)

  7. @chanz...cheers to that...!!


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