DAY 85 (Loving your hometown...!!)

Aaaahhhhhhh.....yesterday was a typical shopping day..! Since now I have to start working....there are so many things to buy. So yesterday....since it was a sunday and also since none my sisters can accompany me due to their exams...I and dad...went for some of the footwear and handbags....! And to be innovative this time...we decided to go for different places rather than the usual ones. Phewwwwwww...and what an experience it was! All those stupid memories of Bareilly city rushed back to my head in that crazy mess. But since dad wanted me to have a flavor of this kind (thats how he quoted it..) as I had to be a warrior..!

I was so fucking tired...roaming from gali to find that one unique shop of handbags (thats also how my dad quoted it..) and find my choice of bags. I was too lazy to make a choice then...but I guess I made a good one..(wink..wink...!).

Footwear...couldn't suit me well before coming to this area...we had already checked showrooms like Woodland and liberty...and I couldn't find any choice of mine in my foot-size.

Anyway...but on the way returning back asked if he should get the most famous TUNDEY KABAB packed for dinner...and some chicken. I was not in a condition to have chicken then...but I could not say no to the kababs...!

Finally while returning...we found a my-choice-of-footwear....from a posh Bata showroom as well and I had a big fight with the staff there too because of the ultra poor services...(thats a different story..). It was quite a funny scene where my dad was trying to calm me down and I was literally shouting hysterically...both out of tiredness and the stupid treatment they gave....but atleast it helped me to vent all those things out. And for the happy ending of the we moved out of the showroom...there was this guy of IIM who was surveying for Bata products...and I very smartly flirted with him a little bit with my dad standing beside me...and trust didn't even get a clue...(yes all can applause...!!).

Finally the tundey kababs at home...brought the ultimate pleasure...and then I realized...that many a times...infact mostly...we do not cherish the true color and treasures of our own city...and take them for granted. Tourists come to visit the specialities of our cities and we don't even think that in the past so many years we have ourself not visited the places...or experienced the specialities. Thats a shame really.

I am really proud to be a Lucknowite....! And now I expect the people who are reading this to be a true part of their cities as well.


  1. "If things are not getting right....just hold yourself there and wait for a while. You'll notice the fruitful effect". These are the words written by you. Den why you fought with shop keeper. Be patience mam. Telling us to be patience. But you are not following. lol..... :)

  2.!! how in heaven did you link the two opposite poles? needed to be at the spot. being patient does not mean that you should be quite at the places where you are supposed to speak. it was my right as a put up my complaints and let them know their faults.

  3. see, i told u long back... u can be quite a rebellion... :P

    Aaah.. i have never been to lucknow... But i want to... Really want to, dont ask me why... coz i dont have a reason... Like many other places, it too is listed among one of my future spots to visit...

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  5. @chanz...ohh really??thats awesome..!!!i hope you could visit this beautiful city someday...!

  6. @sailesh...i didnt understand why did you copy paste your previous comment...and which fact are you agreeing to? and does the names of our blogs coincide...or you are getting a little extra influenced by me??

  7. Nobody can say no to kababa.
    thats the one I liked about this post.
    Iam hungry!!

  8. HI Supriya... finally found an Indian friend here.. And APPLAUSE for that flirting part... yay...

  9. Kabab and dat too Tundey??
    Ye kya h?
    Me to pure veggie di...:(
    Stop eating dis ab to..
    Waise mein Lucknow aau tb mat khana...:)
    Was out for 2 days..



  10. Sorry only one comment i written for this article.. I font know who wrote the next 2 comments. Seems some one hacked my account. Sorry 4 the disturbance.....

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  12. Actually i dont know why you replied to me instead of replying to that person who reposted my comment.

  13. Looks like you are going to change the look of Lucknow if you shop more... LOL.

  14. @ratz...he he he...thanku thanku...!!

  15. @nippu..arrey beta tu aa lucknow...tujhe bhi khilaungi fir...heheehehe...tujhe pata bhi nai chalega k tu kab non-veggie ban jayega..!!

  16. @sailesh...its ok..and how would i know that it was not you and mr. hacker ..!! it was from your account by your name...thats why i replied it to your name...simple logic..!!

  17. possible..!!

  18. See the comment properly its was posted by "being what i always......" user.. Its not posted from my account... Hope u got it now......

  19. @sailesh...phewwww dude...its hard to get it inside your was signed by you...and moreover it was the same as you quoted it previously..!! wait a minute...why am i explaining it..?? just shrug it off..!


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