DAY 90 (The IPL infection...!!!)

Hey guys...IPL is on the move these days and I am finding people getting crazier in the progress. But why? Its just a game after all! My dad....for him its like a matter of life and death watching IPL. How can someone stare at every ball and every shot with same monotonous curiosity and excitement?

And why especially IPL gets this kind of attention? I it the cheer-leaders, the glamor world involved, the shorter time period needed to watch a complete match or what? It gets the same attention as the time when people got to know the day of independence or the preamble of the constitution for the very first time! 

I am not trying to offend any cricket lover here...but I am curious to know that what is it that has such kind of strong magnetic force towards the audience irrespective of gender...cast...creed or any other thing? People ready to cut-throats for just witnessing one LIVE match. All I get to hear in my own home or anywhere else is a cricket commentary. People are putting their status on facebook and other social networking sites as "Dhoni rocked today..!!" or "Kings XI Punjab ki ho gayi balle balle..." or blah blah blah..! And I am just amazed at times by not being a part of the rest of the world.  

Common give me some convincing reasons guys. What is with this IPL thingy? And why am I the only survivor of this virus?


  1. No... u r not the only survivor... there are lot of people like u.. I too was one of those who couldnt understand IPL.. Bt not anymore.. okay, I m not crazy abt the match.. I just like to have fun with everybody.. Shout, cheer.. Thats all. I will never switch on the TV and watch a match for christ's sake..

  2. @chanz...phewwww..what a relief..!! :D

  3. Its not IPl.
    Its about the Game.
    The Game of Cricket..:)
    The Hitting, The howling, the appealing and everything the game is.
    Watch Sachin Sir play and u wil come to know about everything that why cricket is a religion in India.
    Guys love hitting and thats what the game gives them. The ball is thrown everywhere.
    In simple Words

    "The game says it all"



    p.s. I found my post title..

  4. @nipun...yeah ..yeah ...yeah...!! but still i am disinfected ..!

  5. I just wish these ppl play the same spirit during the world cups and show a bit of patriotism.

    Hope my IPL team wins today..

  6. @sorcerer....and your IPL team is....???

  7. Glad to find another non-IPL fan. Thank God am not the only one.

  8. @shas..he he he..high five...!!

  9. its the thrill and excitement of the game of cricket..n also ur favorite players..4 me ,wherever sachin goes,i follow..:)

  10. @chitz...ahaaaa...thats a valid point i guess..!!

  11. Why ppl listen to their favourite songs again and again, even though the lyrics the music is same???

    Why ppl watch their favourite movies again and again???

    Why girls love shopping again and again???

    ONE word PLEASURE :)

    PS: this post sounded amateurish :P , more like a teenager

  12. wanted to sound it like an amateurish one...just like a teenager..! and thank you for replying back in the same way...! :)


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