DAY 100 (Congratulations to me..!!! :D )

Its my century post today..!!! 100 posts...for heaven's sake! Blogging has seen all ups and downs of my life. And will continue to do so as well.

However I might get irregular in blogging from now on...because to be honest...I don't have any more content...and working won't give me much chance to be philosphical....but I promise that whenever I would feel to scribble something...or to share something worth...I'll come back here for sure!

Now its gonna be fully QUALITY POSTS rather than the quantity! So a new start to a new approach....

Life has a lot in store..!!!

And last but not the least...thank you all the readers...who have seen me in good and bad writings and have appreciated or helped me to improve by giving suggestions. I hope this relationship continues till many more it would have never been possible without you guys..!!!

Love you all...!!


  1. YAY!!! Yay!!! yay!!!.... Congrats gal.... and do keep writing....

  2. HI di!!
    Sry was out from a few days..:(
    Will read all left now.
    Congos for the joining..
    Ab to bus party banti h boss..:)
    Will miss the daily doses by u di..:(



  3. Congrats. Wow. That's a huge milestone!
    Have a wonderful day:)

  4. Congratulations Supriya.. BTW your posts had good quality to it even now when you were posting in huge quantities...

  5. @ratz..thanks sooo much dear!!

  6. @nippu..thank you so much nippu..!!

  7. sweet wink..!! thank u so much..!!

  8. @Mr. Stupid...I appreciate that..!! thank you..

  9. @farida....really? thank you so much..!! Thats a huge encouragement..!!

  10. 100 ..congrats

    wow!! thats something and keep blogging!

  11. @sorcerer...thankyou so much..and definitely i will..!!

  12. arey 100 post ho bhi gaye aur hum ab aa rahe hain badhai dene...sorry for late reply here...actully aajkal kaam jyada rehta hai aur main apne naye car-blog pe bhi vyast tha...

    aur haan supriya ji, aapke blog mein quality aur good good post hi rehte hain, bad to maine aaj tak dekhe nahi :)

    aise hi aap likhte rahiye....humein padhna achha lagta hai, aapke baare mein jaanna achha lagta hai :)

    god wishes for future :)

  13. ek aur baat kehna chahunga, maan lijiye aap agar hindi mein blog likhti to kya fayde hote 1-2 batana chahunga.,

    humare hindi blog mein ek website hota hai, har hindi blog is website mein register hain, humein ek rank milta hai (sakriyata number) jo ki kitne jaldi blog post update ho rahe hain aur kitne comment aa rahe hain uspe aadharit hai...

    main ye purn daave ke saath keh sakta hun ki agar aap hindi mein blog likhti to aapki sakriayata number(rank) kareeb 50-60 ki rehti aur jahan tak mujhe yakeen hai comments ki badh aa jaati :)

    anyway aap english mein bhi bahut achha likh rahi hain, bahut hi achha kaam kar rahi hain....

    jaari rakhiye...
    humari subhkamnayen saath hai aapke :)

  14. @abhi....thankyou have really been a great supporter and reader..!!
    and about the hindi blog...a heartfelt thankyou again for your suggestion and appreciation...and i'll go for it if i would feel myself to be capable enough to handle it by multitasking..!! thanks again..

  15. supriya ji

    multitasking is good but again, check ur availability first on these issue and then proceed coz these are secondary things...agar aapko fursat mile to likhiyega hindi mein bhi, warna humein aapke is writing se bhi pyaar hai :)


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