DAY 98 (The awesome feeling..!!!)

First of all...sorry guys...for a late post today. Actually I was out since morning for the DEADLINE WORKS... and thus couldn't be on my laptop. 

Anyway...yesterday I got this great news....that almost all my dear juniors in the college got placed in Tata Consultancies Services (TCS) as well...! Thats something great. I could feel their happiness in their voices and it reminded me of my first placement feeling!

It feels so do something on your own...something this big...having a job in your hand! I could sense their shiverings and goosebumps.

And after all this.. goes a long list of all the friends and relatives to share the awesome news. Some become happy and some get jealous...but at the end of the day....its your victory..! You are the master of the day!!!

People give you all sorts of advices before going for placement trials. My juniors asked me tons of advices as well. But there is this one big fact...that it all depends on your presence of mind and confidence. No one can predict what are they gonna ask...and you are gonna be all washed out with the lectures of how to sit and how to talk kinds. You'll do it all in impulse...! And thats why its the real YOU ultimately who get selected and not any trained robot.

Anyway...just one day more to go...for my joining finally...and these are quite a different kind of goosebumps..!!! So for now..chao guys..!!


  1. Hieee...

    All the best for tom..... Enjoy the day...


  2. @ratz....thanks..but a little correction....its day after tomorrow..!!

  3. All the best sweetie..n njoy :))

  4. All the very best!

  5. @anonymous....thankyou so much..

  6. all the best di!!
    I knw u wil rok..:)
    Goosebumps here too..:)

  7. You'' be great :) All the best!
    I'm glad you liked my poem :) Do come back!

  8. @wink..thanks for your wishes...and you are really very creative..looking forward to your next post dear..!

  9. All the best Supriya.. Remember to take your attitude with you wherever you go.. (oopsss there goes another advice) ;)

  10. i'll follow this one :P


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