DAY 81 (Emerge as a winner...!!!)

Life comes in a package of ups and downs. Without those criss-cross roads... just imagine how monotonous would life be..!
Thats how I console myself...when I am feeling low or just not good. But you know...nothing works. You still still have swollen eyes and your head still aches with the vibrant echo of every incident which is responsible for this mood of yours. feel like just spitting out everything bad that happened and make yourself light. And at other just wanna be left alone. There are some exceptional third cases where you want to spit out the things but you are afraid what if you do and then you are blamed for everything that happened. You'll be upset even more..!!! And so you just drop the idea.

FORGIVE AND FORGET...thats what we all have been hearing from past so many years. But it doesn't come naturally....and if it don't feel normal..! Sometimes it does come naturally...but not at the appropriate time when it is actually needed. Phewwwww....what a crazy mess...!

And amongst all this mess...there are some crazier people who are just interested in peek-a-boo and take out some gossip of it...or if not anything then somehow try and show you how messy their own life is...! You can't even just f*** them off....
You just can't!

Well...just pity those stupid not-yet-grown-up creatures and gather yourself up to fight against your own odds. Life is for winners...! Cheers...!


  1. Yeah!
    Life s for winners di..
    Forgive and forget is the key..:)
    Aap to apne man ki bhadaas nikaal do ekdum mast tarike se.
    Dont wry di!!
    Main Hoon Na..



  2. @nippu...he he he....haan i know ki tu hai na....!! :)

  3. Forgive and gorget... u already know the key...

  4. Hey very true written...but i truly believe the forgiving is more difficult than forgetting... and the one who forgives is the winner.!!!!

  5. @chanz...yeah i do know the key...but i am still in the "trying" mode to unlock the treasure!

  6. I have to learned to spit it out.. and straight at faces at times. Life has been better after that ;)

  7. Thanks a lot for your best wishes. My exams did go good :)

  8. @farida....feeling better is the most imp thing to do..!

  9. @wink...hey ..thats great...!!!


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