DAY 72 (Cool dadi...!!!)

You might have seen happy-go-lucky people around you. And sometimes when you are sad or depressed you might have wondered if you too could be like them too. But among those happy-go-lucky people there are very few who are lively at the same time. Being happy-go-lucky is all about keeping yourself happy but being lively is a much tougher job. It requires you to control all the craziness in your personal life and spreading smiles to all the weeping souls all around you. And I met one such person yesterday.

I have met her many years ago but then I was too young to remember her. She is one of my Grandma's friend. They are friends since years now and as she says...."the story of their friendship is worth being published in a book!!"

Everyone calls her SHUKLA AUNTY or MRS. SHUKLA but I call her COOL DADI...!! And she is literally cool....just like my own Grandma. She came with her son and daughter-in-law to visit Grandma yesterday and they were just so much fun to talk to. I was laughing all over...!!! :D

Cool Dadi...can't really walk now due to her age but gosh....what activeness dude..!! She and my grandma are real inspiration to the youngsters.

Cool dadi was telling us that how much does she enjoy talking endlessly and how does her PATI PARMESHWAR (as she stated) acts like a policeman whenever she tries to talk and get familiar with some stranger in the train journeys. He and her daughter-in-law shows her those staring eyes to shut her mouth and then how she uses her innocence skills to show how bored she is sitting idle in the train as everyone else is sleeping and thus happily gets the permission to go on again...!!! 

Every year on holi she prepares lunch and refreshments for the whole colony and they organize the sitting arrangements with music system to have the full-on party till the evening. 
And the list is endless....

Such people always just bring so much of happiness and liveliness in me that I can't really hold myself not to mention them in my little corner of thoughts. 

Hats off cool dadi....muaaaaaaaaaaaah...!! :D


  1. what a photograph.
    I did not read the text, but had to comment immediately after seeing the photo.

  2. @haddock.....he he he..!! thank you... but next time i would expect a feedback on the content too..!!!

  3. hats off to your cool dadi :)
    such person really bring happiness and joy to our life :)
    i guess she enjoy every moment of her life...and we should take inspiration from her as how to live and enjoy life :)

    loved ur this post..

    aapne kal apni COOL DADI se mulakat ki, aur maine apne sabse achhe mitr prabhat se,
    actually due to work and other schedule, ye mumkin nahi ho pata ki hum mile har baar almost 2yr ke baad mila was awesome...i enjoyed so much yesterday :)

  4. @abhi...its great that you had a good time..!


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