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DAY 231 (Cast Away.. )

Well... there are days when you are against the world. Or maybe its the other way around. Everyone you come across wants to push you away or bring you down. You look for friends and there are none. You look for support; there is none. You look for sensibility and again its none.

You feel disoriented ... disconnected. Your words are falling apart in your mouth and then you are unable to understand why people are not getting you. You look for the mistakes that you could have done because of which you ended up this. But none that you can remember. Doesn't mean that you are perfect. It just means you are not a sinner. Then why?! WHY !!??

No answer!

You are just in a strange place and in weird state. Sometimes, you want someone to shake you wake you up. But then who would waste their time for you? No one.

Life seems like a cast away island. You, an open sky, withered sand and trees. That's all !!

Empty..sad...isn't it?

Well yeah it is how it is.