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DAY 226 (FIFA fever for the non-feverish ones !! )

That time of the year when people find you with swollen eyes in office and some might find you even dozing off here and there. And why not take such a risk? Its FIFA World Cup 2014 !! Comes once in 4 years and asks for just a month of your life. Worth it? Totally !!

Everyone has their interests... but football fans...for us it is like something flowing in our blood stream. We can't be Brazil thats one thing. But we are as excited as any other south-american or European at present. There are no continents..or borders in football. It binds us as one nation..nation of football fans! For us, it is not just a game. Its a religion. We don't wake up to watch that last 3:30 am match just for the sake of it. We can't sleep without knowing what happened and being the live witness of it.

However, those who don't have this craziness flowing in their blood stream find all this very weird. They give us names...crazy, out of their mind, and even call us show-offs. It has pissed me o…

DAY 225 (Gym-ing !!)

Gym-ing they said was a tough task to begin with. Keeping that in mind, I delayed it for a year. It was partly also because whenever I used to share my gyming motivational thoughts, people used to look at me point blank with awed eyes and then shoot the question "Why the hell do you need gym?". answer always remained the same " To put ON..and then to control it". Sigh! I don't know how many of them understood but finally I made this decision of joining a gym...without discussing it !

First day...and I was quiet excited. A lot of sweat around and I was the leanest of the lot. The gym which could go along with my pocket couldn't be a "fully-furnished" one so I had this agenda of just staying fit in average conditions.

I enter the gym and my instructor stretches my leg to what seemed to me a 120 degrees ! I catch myself and do the stretching another 2-3 rounds and I am already disinterested.

Then next there comes the best treadmill part whi…

DAY 224 (Basic rules of courtesy and acknowledgment)

Since we were kids... we were told that if someone helps/offers/shares something with you, you must say Thank You as a part of your courtesy. That is the least that you could do.
And that was rule number 1.

Then all those play-school kids started growing up. Their curriculum changed. Their syllabus enhanced. And so their concepts were a chaos. So now, all of them had different rules. Their own rules.

Some one offered something to me...I guess he has his own benefit in this.Some one did me a favour, well no big deal ! I must have done some favours in the past which I might not be able to justify at the moment but they will nullify his good-will I'm sure.Some one went out of the way for me, he might be interested in my hidden treasures.Some one tried to guide me, he is trying to revise his own knowledge.Some one is not asking for monetary return for his help, he is a fraud for sure.Some one says that he almost gave his life to help you, he is exaggerating for my attention and I don&…