DAY 225 (Gym-ing !!)

Gym-ing they said was a tough task to begin with. Keeping that in mind, I delayed it for a year. It was partly also because whenever I used to share my gyming motivational thoughts, people used to look at me point blank with awed eyes and then shoot the question "Why the hell do you need gym?". answer always remained the same " To put ON..and then to control it". Sigh! I don't know how many of them understood but finally I made this decision of joining a gym...without discussing it !

First day...and I was quiet excited. A lot of sweat around and I was the leanest of the lot. The gym which could go along with my pocket couldn't be a "fully-furnished" one so I had this agenda of just staying fit in average conditions.

I enter the gym and my instructor stretches my leg to what seemed to me a 120 degrees ! I catch myself and do the stretching another 2-3 rounds and I am already disinterested.

Then next there comes the best treadmill part which I think I would be champion at! What do you have to do? .. Just run !! He sets the speed for me and asks me to run for a period of 15 minutes. Oh just 15 minutes? I think and smirk. And I start. 6-7 minutes... it was a little pumping in the heart. And after that I realise it gets converted to micro seconds which pass like hours. I run and run and run and 15 minutes are not even near. My instructor sees me and tells...okay enough madam...get down. And I am red in face. I still am not sure whether it was because of the embarrasment or the heat.

I get down of treadmill and the room is spinning soon after which I am asked to cycle and then paddle and then sit up and down and what not.

All this goes on for 1 hour and I feel happy to be alive. As the last note of the day, I ask my instructor smiling for the diet plan. He gives an ear-to-ear smile at me and says...Madam eat anything and everything that you find. No plan for you. Your plan is to a lot.

And I stoop down my head doomed in shame but still happy that I made it alive the first day.

There are after-effects here and there but then I can still stand and sit. So I was happy. I found myself to be so strong that I didn't need electrol or glucose to continue living the day.

And then I slept peacefully (after watching all 3 matches of FIFA ofcourse !! )

Morning I wake up, and I think I woke up after a border war fight! My hand is not able to hold my hair clutch. Infact..I can't reach my hair! My legs if trying to be folded, are making cramping noises. By the time, I reach office and lunch time is reached, if I get up, I can't sit down and vice versa.

But still...there is a second day today. I will fight with the non-working hand and the cramped leg :P
And I still hope to put-on !!

Life is undoubtedly a fight ..and gym-ing is the demo war !! .. Hence proved :D


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