DAY 224 (Basic rules of courtesy and acknowledgment)

Since we were kids... we were told that if someone helps/offers/shares something with you, you must say Thank You as a part of your courtesy. That is the least that you could do.
And that was rule number 1.

Then all those play-school kids started growing up. Their curriculum changed. Their syllabus enhanced. And so their concepts were a chaos. So now, all of them had different rules. Their own rules.

  • Some one offered something to me...I guess he has his own benefit in this.
  • Some one did me a favour, well no big deal ! I must have done some favours in the past which I might not be able to justify at the moment but they will nullify his good-will I'm sure.
  • Some one went out of the way for me, he might be interested in my hidden treasures.
  • Some one tried to guide me, he is trying to revise his own knowledge.
  • Some one is not asking for monetary return for his help, he is a fraud for sure.
  • Some one says that he almost gave his life to help you, he is exaggerating for my attention and I don't care about such idiots.

And in this world, people then blame each other for the evilness prevailing anywhere. Everyone wants some good happening to them without doing any good to anybody. Forget courtesy, there is not even a hint of acknowledgment. They blame but they can't take one. They mock because they are so superior. They can't do anything but they want others to do everything for them.

Its a selfish world. A world of werewolves. I guess the day is near when these fictional novels will touch the world and all we will be able to see around us will either be vampires or werewolves. Die by your own choice of death then and still don't acknowledge for your own choice !


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