DAY 265 (A spoiled weekend)

Some things can spoil your days. But when those days are on a weekend, that's the biggest pain you can ever encounter.

When I was a kid, there were so many times when I came back from a bad day at school followed by infinite volume of pending homework and while I decided to do my work in peace so as not to have a worse next day, I would get to know that there is some guest coming over whom I might not be able to stand or just don't want around especially on a bad day. But then, being a kid, you don't have a say. You are dragged outside your room to give the courtesies to any guest and then answer the same repeated questions every time.

But then as I grew up, my tolerance level got better. Well...much better! After a certain age, I moved out of my hometown and started living alone in a new city and I just didn't know how to say no to anyone asking to come around my house. Honestly, I didn't mind any company and being single and living alone, it was always convenien…

DAY 264 (For starters...respect yourself)

I have seen people being really hurt over not being respected enough. Be it at home, at workplace or amongst relatives. They want to be understood in the way that they think they are not right now but for that they just don't know what to do.

I always suggest those who come to me with this problem to first respect yourself. If she is a housewife, she thinks that she isn't contributing to household expenses and thus she deserves to be taken for granted. Has she ever thought for all those hours when the financier of the household is toiling outside, she is holding the storm all alone inside the 4 walls. When he comes back home, he would never even know the importance of things being at place, warm food at table or kids doing well at school. And all he does is, provides the money for maintenance. I am not saying that it is any less of a task. But your partner's day's in was just as tedious as was your day out. Some people just conveniently ignore this fact.

Then there ar…

DAY 263 (The intolerable generalisations)

I am NOT a feminist. Because I don't really believe in generalisations. I might be a certain kind of female and someone else might be someone really different than me. So basically, when there is something wrong going on, I would rarely go up to stand "for women". I might just stand up for a person and most of the times I believe in advocating just myself.

But there are people who just believe in a lot of generalisations and want to impose them at you or pass a comment at you because according to them you belong to that "general category". Those are asses really ! I don't want to hide behind asterisks to describe them.

Just today a colleague comments at me saying "only women can afford iPhones because they get gifts". Can you believe it? I told him that this is a very wrong statement and he should take it back. But he kept on repeating the statement again and again with rolling eyes and a dumb smile. Now, he has this mentality because his wife is…

DAY 262 (The unanswered questions..)

Has it ever happened to you that you were going to write a blog about someone or even halfway to it but then you realise they don't deserve it probably and delete the whole thing even if the writing felt good?
It happened to me just now. In times like this you realise how unimportant someone has become for you over the time. It might also be that they have disappointed you so much that you just don't wanna waste your e-ink on them.

The stranger part is, you feel used or a convenient part of their life now. Its not a new story for me anyway. If I dig in my blogs, I am sure I would find minimum 4 more similar blogposts. But does that justify a problem in me or in the world? The latter seems less probable for obvious reasons but I really need to work this out.

It seems so easy for the rest of the world to just go on their way, be mean, be thoughtless for you. I wonder where do they get this strength from? It takes real stone-cold heart to be this way. And I don't buy the arg…

DAY 261 (Random new year scribble...)

So they say that it will continue to be the way you started your first day of the year. Well.. guess what? I fell sick with cold and fever. And the sad part is, it wasn't even because of alcohol. Or is it the good part? ;)

Anyway, so does that really happen? Would I be sick for the rest of the year too? Ah, just thinking about it gave me jitters. Well..I hope not! But 364 days to test...

So, I don't know how many of you reading this, believe in new year resolutions. Well.. I don't. I can't commit myself to something which is against my habits or nature. Maybe it is because I have the fear of not having enough will-power. Or maybe it is because I believe things happen if they are supposed to happen. You can't force yourself to do something for the next 365 days of your life consistently.

I remember when I was a kid, I used to prepare this huge chart with a cardboard stand (like a big photo frame) with 2 columns drawn neatly on it. First column had names of my famil…

Day 260 (The self-proclaimed advisers)

Some people are just too nosy or feel they should be advising in everyone's business. And I often come across such people here and there.

This was a couple of months ago, when someone I acquainted over a game of table tennis got to know that I write blogs. He asked me many times to share the link. I pretended to have forgotten to share but then shared it eventually when he pinged me a couple of times over chat. So, he read my blog for which I did not expect any feedback, but he takes the pain to give it to me. There was this blog I wrote about my husband a while back which titled "Disadvantages of having a sane husband". He asked if the incidents I quoted there actually happened or I just made them up. I just replied it happened ofcourse. He laughed over it and then came to the advisory business. He tells me, if he were me, he would use a lighter shade for my blog theme if I want others to read without straining their eyes. Well, I can appreciate your negative comments …

DAY 259 (Confession and a Disclaimer)

I am a possessive friend. First of all I won't be good friends with you unless I absolutely fantastically like you. But once I am in, you might wanna get out of my zone because of my suffocating love for you.
I know it sounds scary..but well I am scary when it comes to attachment.

I can't tolerate you not replying my messages or replying after hours when I am always online for you and by always I literally mean 24x7.
I can't tolerate even more when it is because of some other friend of yours whom I really hate !
I can't tolerate you doing something wrong and me not being able to scold you because of your dominant behaviour.
I can't tolerate you being all friendly with someone who is clearly not your type and you just want to be on good terms with him for no good reason.
I can't tolerate you making me go silent all the time because you have just decided not to share what's going on and neither do you let me ask too.
I can't tolerate you suddenly sharing…