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DAY 227 (Self-crowning !! )

It is alarmingly strange that I am sitting in office (doing office work) but writing a blog-post which I right now do not know is going to be about what but I wanted to fill in something since quiet a while in it.
Phewww....too much to say there in 1 sentence!

Well I have so many controversial topics to blog about but then I do not have time for controversies right now. So thats a huge problem. You know....those initial days when you happily pass around your blog address like a pamphlet and you want everyone to visit and give their feedback. Slowly, that enthusiasm seems bullshit because there is so much you want to say at times but the audience gets offended too often and you don't wanna explain yourself that frequently.

You then think about having a secret blog! Idea seems incredible but as soon as you create a new account, you start remembering your days when you were new to blogging. You created and customized your blog page with so much innocence and it has so much of first-…