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Day 268 ( Happy birthday my love!)

Dear husband,
First of all congratulations to both of us on becoming the proud parents of our little boy. I want to let you know that you have been as amazing father in those 37+ weeks when our boy was growing inside me and these 6 days when he has been in our lives kicking, crying and sleeping. He is our little bundle of joy and a gift to you for your this birthday and all the ones coming up in the years ahead. I see so much of you in him that sometimes I am overwhelmed with how lucky I am to have 2 of you in my lives making it happier every second of each day. The way you look at him or the way he loves you back is just so dreamy sometimes. You have been so amazing to have always been an equal partner in this new phase of life. It was never my pregnancy, it was ours! Its never just my sleepless nights of breast feeding, its your burping duty sleepless nights too. Our together learning to change diapers, knowing what he wants and when he wants has been a ‘together’ graph too. And ye…