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DAY 106 I am once pen down a few backlogs! Life is great I must say...I come back home with a fresh mind and a happy face. What else could one ask for?

Joining a new place helps you to meet different people of multiple personalities and you become a part of the rainbow as well. Some of them are great...some just good and some may be..not so good. But at the end of the day...I like being amongst each and every one of them because every day I get to learn a new thing. Learning free of cost :D

Moreover...being financially independent now...there is a sense of responsibility which has grown inside me in the last few days. I feel that I owe so much to all those who have always wanted me or have been a support (in all the ways possible) so that I reach where I am today. A little push from each and every one of them has finally made me win the race and be a champion!

I hope that I would be able to do all I need to do in this journey of life. Although I sometimes feel ...this du…

DAY 105 (When life is awesome...!!)

As I was about to join a job...people told me..that you are gonna lose all your independence and happiness now....cutting off the social network by default...and then you'll realize...what a mess it is and what golden days those 10 "doing-nothing" months were! I used to just shrug it off...because I do not like to predict like everyone else.

And now...most of them have got the answers. I have never been happier than this. I do all I missed to do ever...all I loved to do ever...with my grey cells working in parallel as well which is like a perk!

Playing table tennis,an urge to learn guitar or atleast try to do so was like few of the things I could never carry on with...due to zillions of factors. But where there is a will...there is a way!

I got all I desired packed up in the most beautiful and satisfactory environment ever. What else could I ask for?
I have met like some of the most interesting and loveliest people ever (I know...that in professional life...everyone is j…

DAy 104 (A pending tag...which I just noticed..!!)

First of all...I am really sorry..Meenakshi...I really couldn't go through any of the blogs I follow because of being extremely pre-occupied. And now thank you really...for tagging me :)

Now here comes the tag rules:

* Mention the name and link of the person who awarded it to you - Thats above...just click on Meenakshi and you'll get her link.
*Thank the person - Obviously I would..and its already done!
*copy and paste the award on my blog
*Mention 7 things I find beautiful.
*Pass it on to 7 beautiful bloggers.

And here comes my second award....yippppieeeeeeeeeeeeee...!!!

And now here comes the 7 things I find beautiful....

1. The early Morning beauty

2. Smell of the rain

3. Creativity in any form especially in writing

4. Life which gives friends like Akansha

5. The warmth of Grandparents' affection

6. The relationships which just happen not because you are bound to be in them because you want to be   bonded.

7. The inner beauty of any individual.

And now passing on the trophy to…

DAY 103 (A lot to tell..)

I had to write this one I have been postponing it...since God knows when..!!! has suddenly turned upside down (and its all in the good aspects..!). Its true that the best things take the longest to arrive..! And this is one of those.

A few days ago...I got to meet MR. FAROOQ SHEIKH..(Yes...the same famous actor..!!!)...and what an experience it was..!
Gosh..that man is so energetic and full of life even at the age of 63. You can learn to be lively and live with the "essence of life" by him. He so simply conveyed the message...that life is much more than "the things"....the materialistic possesions. And most of us realise it when they are 63. The basic and the simplest example of it was his dressing sense which he always follows....a simple "Lucknow chiken kurta and chudidaar". Although he was wise enough (or in his words....lazy enough..!!) to cherish being with the "people" rather than running after the "things"…

DAY 102 (And the history TAGS itself.. :D )

To be honest...I came here to really talk about sooooooooo many things of past few days. But then...I got an awesomely pleasant surprise by being tagged after a long ....long wait..!!!
So let me move on with the tag rules here on...

1. Thank the person who gave it to you.
2. Copy the award and put it on your Blog.
3. List 3 things you love about yourself
4. Post a picture you love (e.g. a person you adore etc.)
5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to

So ...following the rules (which is actually a rare phenomenon of my life) at the very first step...I would like to give a heartfelt thank you followed by a bear hug to one of my dearmost followers Chanz!

And now flying kisses to Chanz...once again because here comes my first blog award...yuhooooooooooooooooooooo..
And now the most difficult question....3 things I love about myself... ummmmmmmmmmm (no its not difficult because I need to jot down why I love myself but its difficult because its just 3 points :( .....!! )

Hmmm...lemme t…

DAY 101 (A perception..!!!)

Its just been a 1 day gap...and my hands were itching to scribble down something. now I am also in the authority of using the tag TGIF (Thank God Its Friday)..!!!

Anyway...moving is rocking these days. Sometimes I see my self so promising that I can't really believe thats its me...the original me..!!! Lol....its been too much of boasting right?
But on a serious note....sometimes expectations are not that bad. We have always seen instances where people advice us to stop expecting if we wanna do some good to ourselves...and then we try and finally we fail to do so. And this gives us an impression that expectations is the last thing which we should go for.

But think again...
Expectations are the ones which inspire us to give it a thought at times...that yes we can do it! Here I am talking about the expectations from ourselves. Now thats a different case...that where do you have to put a full stop. It totally depends on your sensibilities.

Basically in a way...…