DAY 105 (When life is awesome...!!)

As I was about to join a job...people told me..that you are gonna lose all your independence and happiness now....cutting off the social network by default...and then you'll realize...what a mess it is and what golden days those 10 "doing-nothing" months were! I used to just shrug it off...because I do not like to predict like everyone else.

And now...most of them have got the answers. I have never been happier than this. I do all I missed to do ever...all I loved to do ever...with my grey cells working in parallel as well which is like a perk!

Playing table tennis,an urge to learn guitar or atleast try to do so was like few of the things I could never carry on with...due to zillions of factors. But where there is a will...there is a way!

I got all I desired packed up in the most beautiful and satisfactory environment ever. What else could I ask for?
I have met like some of the most interesting and loveliest people ever (I know...that in professional life...everyone is just lovely till the "right time" but still....I need not go that deep to regret or weep in the future). Its have a positivity around you. People who greet you with a smile...people who are not just introvert "brainies" but also good persona! is just awesome!! I believe God has given me all I could ask for! And I think him for that from the core of my heart... :)


  1. Glad you are enjoying yourself. You play Table Tennis? Wow. I used to. That was until, I accidentally threw the the racket at my coach. Well, that's a whole different story.

    Always ignore people who discourage you. Stay away or better, squirt water on them with a Toy gun... LOL

    Have a wonderful day...:)

  2. Good musings from a working girl.. very encouraging for those attending interviews LOL.
    I am really sorry for not doing the tag and award.. Life is very hectic as I am studying for the exams immediately after the school exams have been done with... Will you please send me a link to my email?

  3. @Mr. for d suggestion really :D

  4. @farida...yeah sure..and its get free...and then do this tagging probs..!!

  5. enjoy the period girl, hope it lasts long :)

    bcoz as a human we look for change very quickly :)

  6. good yaar..njoy the rain as loong as it lasts they say...but even wh n its gone,try to make the most out of what u have...:)..cheers!!!

  7. Njoy the time di..
    I miss u...:(



  8. @lincoln...i believe living in present is much more fruitful than worrying about the future :)

  9. @chitz..thanks so much for your wishes dear..!!

  10. Njoy!!!
    It was worth the wait..aint it? Awesome!

  11. @sorcerer...definitely it was :D

  12. hey supriya..
    u have been tagged

    visit my blog

  13. you got a very positive message there that life is awesome..
    i gotta ask you but... how do you deal with the murky days?? do we not question God then ?? i need an answer..... :)

  14. @Funk Priest...First of all...thankyou for being a follower!
    and now to answer your question..we definitely do question god in those grey days...even you can find the evidences in my few of the earlier posts.
    but then...whats important is to thank him in the elated days rather than always and just cribbing on what "not-so-good" has come your way! atleast thats what i think..

  15. Good one.
    Yes if we want we can always do it.
    Reminds me of the No of times I have joined classes for Guitar and left it. Actually (twice)
    joined in 1978 and left after one year.
    Then again joined in 2000 and left at 2002
    But still have my notes and practice at home.

  16. @haddock...thats the best thing...never give up..!

  17. @abhi..thank you for tagging me abhi...but the font is unreadable to me. i am sorry..but thats why i am unable to answer your tag.


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